Adam wilkinson

Hey Stone Cold...We Need You Back Soon!!!

And when you do return cause I know you can't stay away despite the injury, bring the whole package with you. That especially means the attitude as well as the beer guzzling and the middle finger flipping and everything else you brought with you throughout the entire Attitude Era that made WWF so awesome to watch. Yeah I said WWF. Cause as I said...we, as avid fans and followers and watchers of professional wrestling, need you to come back as soon as you can. And I hope that your return will usher in a brand new attitude era. Not a repeat of the last one cause most of those guys are no longer there aside from a few. No. I mean I want to see an attitude about all the guys in the locker room, obviously not an exact replica of yours, but definitely some confidence in producing a better product with a lot more adult-oriented content that was very much representative of the original attitude era. And if that means that it will relight a fuse in the feud between you and the boss because he is so adamant about keeping it kid friendly...well then so be it.

I, for one, as a fan believe that professional wrestling was never really truly intended meant for little kids to watch. Yes, I realize that I started out as a young fan at the age of 5 or 6. As I am sure that most of all of you in RSN universe started out early as fans as well. But that was back in the 80's. For me anyways. Just looking at some birthdates and posted ages on here, a good amount of you were born either right before or during the Attitude Era reign. Just because I believe that doesn't mean that it didn't end up that way. At least not for a little while anyways. As I said, I watched it back around the first or second Wrestlemania from there on. Back then WWF was the main company and WCW/NWA was still finding it's footing in the business in the south for the most part. But it would soon make it's way onto primetime television during the week on Monday nights and would have an epic ratings battle with WWF during the mid 90's all the way till the end of the decade and century. This time marked the end and demise of WCW. It was a sad day for me as a fan to see this company fail like it did and WWF would lose it's biggest competitor in the industry. Not long after that, WWF lost the attitude as well as the F at the end of it's name. This is where I believe the attitude era ended. I may be wrong and it could be after that. But not too much after I would think. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I am sure there are differing opinions among us all as to when the Attitude era kicked off for the WWF. It could have been before the 96 King of the Ring which brought us the Stone Cold character that we all know and love. But let's say for argument's sake that King of the Ring 1996 was the defining point for the Attitude Era. I say that because Stone Cold was the central character in the era surrounded by supporting casts such as Michaels, Bret Hart(though he left soon into the era), HHH, DX, Vince McMahon, and many others. It was definitely a great and wonderful era. And it was helped along by WCW with their own attitude in the NWO and the "Crow" Sting and Goldberg and others and the Monday Night Wars in the television ratings. Again, I very peak and prime time to be a professional wrestling fan. Really miss it too. I see a good amount of the attitude coming out among the TNA stars and that is what I like. That is why I watch more of TNA lately and less of WWE. The content is more directed towards adults than it is the kids for TNA. Not to say that there aren't kids watching it with guys like Hardy and others, but I just feel like it is like pro-wrestling should be.

Nonetheless, Austin more or less carried the Attitude Era and he is the only one who can really ring in a new one if and when he returned. I realize that he has a while to go with rehab from his full reconstructive knee surgery and wanting to be 100% before he did return. And the news article also discussed return to action roles in more movies. I would like to plead with him not to return to movies and instead return to the ring and the business. Right now about the only person that even closely resembles his anti-establishment attitude is the WWE champ, CM Punk. But even that is still a PG rated version of it. I would not mind at all seeing Austin coming back and helping CM Punk by stunning Cena. Maybe even costing Cena the belt back to Punk if Punk were to end up losing it to Cena sometime next year early. Hopefully that wouldn't happen, but I have this suspicious feeling that it will. Anyways, Austin with Punk's assistance, brings in a NEW and not rehashed attitude era and they both feud with McMahon and Cena. And hopefully this new attitude will spread across the entire company and we will see more content oriented towards late teens and adults and that may even bring about a better product quality wise.

If they don't rescue themselves from the PG funk that they are in currently with the current roster of talent they have and without the possibility of Austin returning at all, there is a definite potential that TNA could catch up with them and become their main competitor. And then they would really have to do something to increase their product quality in order to maintain their status as the no. 1 professional wrestling organization in the world. Of course, TNA still has a way to go to reach the status that WCW had back in the days, but I believe they are taking risks and making strides to get there along the way. But if Austin were to return and bring the new attitude with him and stay, then that would make it that much tougher for TNA to get to where they would be. But it has to be Austin and noone else.

As always, I invite and encourage all readers to make comments, constructive criticisms, and opinions on this and all of my blogs. I hope that this has triggered and challenged your thinking and please enjoy reading.

God bless and take care,

Adam Troy Brown