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What Does Punk and Lawler Really Gain from This Feud?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Neither man has anything to prove to anyone, so why the feud?. What does Punk get out of beating up a old man other than becoming more of a heel. What does Jerry get out of jobbing to Punk?.

See this type of stuff makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Punk has beaten numerous superstars on different occasions, some were the same opponent over and over again but he still beat them. He is one of the longest reigning champions, why does he need to beat Jerry to prove that?.

Jerry should stay in his seat, that's his job. He can't put someone over that is already as over as CM Punk. Everyone knows what is gonna happen, its right there in plain sight. We all know Jerry is never going to win a match against the champ, and if so, it will only be because he had help from Cena or others.

Storylines like this, in my opinion, are a massive waste of time. Time that could be used to develop other storylines or strengthen other feuds or put over more talent. So many things can happen with this time, but yet it is wasted horribly.

Punk doesn't need a storyline like this to feed his ego. He has the long reign for that. I would rather much have this time used for building up The Rock vs Punk match that will happen. Or anything else, doesn't have to specifically be that. That roster is full of talent just waiting to be used, throw them at Punk, not Lawler.

Its ok every now and then for a superstar to pick on an announcer. But to make a full blooded feud out of it, is just beyond me.I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of the same old storyline with Lawler and these wrestlers. I mean aren't you? Let announcers be announcers and wrestlers be wrestlers and leave it at that.

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