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WWE - Does It Need Saving?

Drew Mcintyre: , “My generation will save wrestling”. True or not?

Well back RSNation to another edition, of Michael Tomczak’s blog, where you ladies and gents, will chow down on the creative BMT sandwich, where I give you, food for thought that by the end of the blog will make you want to chant, “FEED ME MORE!” Today’s edition focuses in on a young Scotsman by the name of Drew McIntyre’s latest statement, “My generation will save wrestling.” Well holy crap on a cracker, save wrestling? Does it need to be saved? I believe so, at least in WWE it does, I don’t watch TNA, so I won’t speak for them. Here’s why wrestling needs saving, in a non-rant format.

1. Too much promo time- WWE today is all about promos, promos, promos, and you guessed it, promos. I understand the need to build hype for a match, feud, show, etc. That’s what gets the butts in the chairs in arenas or couches. But ultimately, can a promo do a fisherman suplex? An inside cradle? A hip toss? Can a promo make you tap out? The answer quite obviously is no. The wrestling, and wrestlers, can do all those things, and ultimately you paid to see the best wrestlers in the world WRESTLE, not spend their time making fun of each other’s personal lives or say what their gonna do, if they can’t wrestle, it’s just talk, talk like they say, is cheap. Actions speak louder than words, and actions get a bigger reaction from the fans than talk. Don’t get me wrong, I dig a good promo, but when it’s an opening promo, a promo before the match, after the match, before the break, after the break, you can tend to make the promo ultimately lose all credibility in the eyes of the fans.

2. The product- Ultimately the product itself is failing, old die hard fans refuse to watch the show, many WWE fans are jumping ship to TNA, and they are quickly losing their edge. Why? Kid friendly entertainment. It’s an ingenious business move by McMahon considering kids are a huge source of money, but ultimately Vince, these kids will grow up. They will want more hardcore wrestling, and ultimately, they will want their favorite stars to be, edgier. At least I think so anyway. Linda is also a huge part of the kid friendly thing so she can win a senate seat, but I don’t have anything nice to say about her so, I’ll leave it as bad for business in the long term.

Now that we have discovered what’s wrong, we need to figure out how to fix it. Drew believes, like I do, that his generation will make wrestling a mainstream sport once again; much like it was during the Attitude Era. No, I’m not comparing this generation to the attitude era, quite frankly because the attitude era had better wrestlers, but mostly what I am trying to say is a product like the attitude era can sell. In Drew’s (IC) generation, we have stars like Daniel Bryan, (US, MITB,WHC)Alex Riley, Cody Rhodes,(tag titles, IC) Antonio Cesaro, (US) the Usos, the Primetime players, Ted Dibiase, (Tag titles) Ryback, Michael McGillicutty, (tag titles)Heath Slater, (tag titles) Jinder Mahal, David Otunga, (tag titles) Sheamus, (US, WWE, WHC) the Miz, (US, IC, WWE) Wade Barrett, (IC) The Ascension, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, (US, IC, WHC, MITB) Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel (tag titles for both, separate teams), Mason Ryan, Seth Rollins, Big E-Langston, and the list goes on and on even with a few prominent divas like Cameron, Naomi, and AJ already making huge impact, without even mentioning some big names in NXT. Between all those stars, we have every single title in WWE except the divas title held by at least one of these stars already. Miz and Sheamus with the WWE titles, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan with the World Heavyweight Championship, Miz, Barrett, McIntyre, and Dolph with the Intercontinental Championship, and Daniel Bryan, Miz, Ziggler, with the US championship, and many of the stars holding one if not two tag title reigns. Do they have the talent to fix and save wrestling? In the wise words of the rattlesnake, HELL YEAH they do! Many of these young stars are making huge names for themselves and generate more buzz and crowd reaction than most stars of today or in the past, these guys flat out have that IT factor to save the product. So do us all a favor Vince and HHH, and increase their match lengths, cut out some promos, and let business, take care of business.

This is my blog, hope you enjoyed your BMT sandwich, and it helps you RSNation, and provide others with their own food for thought. In the wise words of CM Punk, “You Gotta Respect that!” Feel free to leave comments, suggestions on other blog topics, and any agreements or disagreements you have with the blog. Until next time, hope you enjoyed your BMT Sandwich!

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