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The best way for WWE to use Flair shoud he come back

The Nature Boy is Wrestling Royalty. Like him or hate him, or whether you think he’s been in the game too long or not, he is worthy of every Wrestling Hall of Fame ever created.

I personally am a fan of his. Some of the greatest matches in history in my opinion involved Ric Flair. Flair vs. Terry funk is not only Mick Foley’s favourite match (which did not involve himself). They had the crowd literally eating out of their hand. Of course, that was way back when, way back when both men were in their prime and had creative freedom to do as they please.

Ric Flair was the first to win a Royal Rumble from entering early on. Entering at number 3 in 1992 meant he had to last over an hour before Hogan helped him eliminate Psycho Sid at the end to claim what was rightfully his, the WWF Title. In my opinion, that was the best ever Royal Rumble, pipping HBK’s coast to coast effort to a close second place.

Based on his history and achievements alone, he should be back in WWE. Regardless of why he left TNA. Regardless of whether he’s had a “Career ending” Match vs. HBK at Wrestlemania. He should be back in WWE.

I blogged recently that Managers do make a difference. Ric Flair could easily be the mentor that some of WWE’s younger talent could learn from. They would quite happily drive Flair around the country whilst he taught them more about the business than they could cram into their little minds.

I don’t need to go into what makes Managers great, we all know they are. What I will say about his tenure in TNA is that his role in Fortune (before Immortal) was perfect for him. 4 young guys literally hanging on his every word. He could do that again in WWE. Easily.

It sounds obvious. I know that and I’m the one writing this, but in WWE it could work better than it did in TNA. With the right group of superstars around him, Flair could be the guy who makes the storyline tick. A lot of the storylines today are basic and dare I say obvious. So many times you can watch RAW and say “now Cena is coming out” and low and behold the entrance music hits. Or when Big Show turned heel, I for one was shouting “He’s gonna hit Cena” and boom, he did.

Thinking back to when Flair was in Evolution, he wasn’t the main star, hell, when Orton won the belt, Flair stepped back and let HHH and Orton hog the spotlight. The thing is though, it was unpredictable TV.

If his no compete clause was not in effect, he could have been in HHH’s corner at Summerslam. Imagine that – Heyman in one corner, Flair in the other, and they wouldn’t have been the main focus point! That would have made that great match epic.

There will no doubt be a few fans disagreeing with me, shocker, but you can’t say that all the WWE fans wouldn’t want it. What do we hear every time someone does a knife edge chop? Wooooooooooooooooo!!! Every time

I personally loved it in TNA when he squared up against superstars and took his jacket off. It was funny. He could do that in WWE and that could add comedy to proceedings too.

Like him or not, it looks obvious to me that he is going to come back to WWE in some capacity, mainly cos HHH is in charge. Enough said. He could also act as an advisor to Trip, who would only turn into a great COO with Flair behind him. He is great already, but could only get better.

Above all else, it could only help WWE and / or it’s superstars to have Flair back in my opinion. As soon as it appears to be a hindrance, let him go, easy.

Shocked to do this, but I might have to end this blog with the same wording I ended the last blog with:

“You never know, it might just work”

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