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Was The HHH 'Retiremen't Speech Necessary?

Last Monday HHH gave a long heart-felt speech to the WWE Universe set to mark his ‘retirement’ from the ring, a statement that no one truly believes nor really cares about.
That’s not to say we (I) don’t care about The Game, it’s just that everyone knows he’s not really going away so why make such a grand expedition of his vacation?

Reports claim that the speech was due to the fans reaction at Summerslam not being what the WWE wanted. But did that justify the need for a farewell speech?
History has proven that superstars like HHH can just disappear without word for a while and return to tremendous reactions. So again, why the need to take up so much air time with a segment that really won’t do much to help a comeback or a rematch?

Maybe WWE didn’t have enough material for RAW? Maybe HHH just likes to hog the spotlight? Who really knows?

It’s so easy to bash The Game, and seemingly everyone already has, but it’s just so strange for a superstar who is so over with the fans to be looking for these major career-defining moments when he already has more than most of the roster combined.

Over the past few years, HHH has been placing himself into situations and angles that either don’t require his presence or could be used by other talent to get them over more.

His involvement in the Punk/Cena feud, a monthly feud and main event with Brock Lesner and now a lengthy retirement speech are fine examples of this.

I have no qualm with the matches themselves, HHH is one of the best and still has the ability to steal the show, however the amount of time he gets on TV (on a monthly basis) to promote the matches is just too much in my opinion.
Don’t get me wrong, lengthy feuds are what make wrestling great but HHH seems to be the only one permitted with such an honor.

The most amount of time other wrestlers get is a single month and often not even that to build a PPV with the possible exception to Punk and Bryan.

HHH is still an excellent performer and fans still love to watch him but he has peaked in his ability to draw so no matter how long the WWE give him to cut promos the outcome will be the same.

I just feel it’s time for HHH to step aside, even if it’s just little bit, and allow the younger talents to showcase their abilities and grow as performers.

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