Justin Barr

There have been many rumors that have stated that the WWE is wanting to try to have another match between the Rock and John Cena. Many believed that their first match was as big as Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant. Although I have to admit that the match was quite good, however I would rather see some one else face off against the Rock.

When we look at this match I try and picture it as if I was still in my youth and playing with my wrestling figures that I so dearly coveted. Who would I have win between the Rock and John Cena? I can't imagine either one losing and this brings me to my point. They are both good guys, baby faces however you want to call it. There is no heel in this match, which is why it would be awesome to see someone else get into the ring with the Rock instead of Cena.

Many may argue with me on this point but I think the WWE would be better served in the Long run if they do not go through with another Cena Rock match. The WWE needs to push the stars that it has on its current roster and the Rock seems to have no plans of coming back full time to wrestling, so why not have CM Punk face the Rock, that would indefinably cement CM Punk as a true heel, and I think truly be a really exciting match for the fans!

CM Punk is becoming one of my favorite characters to watch, especially when he his on the mic. The WWE needs to use this as a spring board for long run as a heel character for CM Punk. The Rock vs. CM Punk, to me is the best logical idea for the WWE!
Adam Troy Brown
absolutely agree. But I am afraid that the Rock won't get over his ego and put Punk over and job to him.
  • August 29, 2012
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Justin Barr
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