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Breaking News: Randy Orton Fired From The WWE, Signs With TNA Impact!

This is a special blog written via request from Brandon Vineyard who responded to my A.J. Styles to the WWE blog recently. His exact quote was: “Jacob, I’d love to read a blog similar to this about a top WWE star going to TNA. Randy Orton? The Miz? Cody Rhodes? Sheamus?”. Well here you go Brandon, I did this for you. I hope you enjoy it as well as the rest of the readers on RSN.

I chose to do the blog on Randy going to TNA because it seemed to make the most sense. I feel like he has had one foot out the WWE door for while given his attitude and wellness policy suspensions. I guess that he is in good enough graces with them to be offered movie rolls and what not, but I think he is always one more screw up away from getting “future endeavored”.

Have we had enough of Randy Orton in the WWE? Is it time for me to make that change, to maybe give his career a little jolt? As unpopular as this may be with some of the fans on this site, my answer is yes. I know that he just came off of a 60-Day suspension recently, but I don’t recall when his last memorable feud was. That’s how unimportant he has become in the WWE right now. He is still a popular figure, but as a face, he becomes forgettable to me. I think that we can all agree that Randy Orton is a much better heel. I have read enough on this site to know that I am in the majority on this. I think most of us can also agree that the only reason why Orton is a face right now is because the WWE has been lacking top faces for a while now. I guess I can understand that logic, but it clearly doesn’t work. Nobody buys into it. Not even Randy. He has been very vocal about how he wants to turn back and how much more enjoys being a heel. While we may be getting some little teasers for it recently, I can’t realistically see the WWE making the change before he leaves to go shoot 12 Rounds: Reloaded, or right away when he comes back either, due to promotion for the movie.

This opinion of mine might also be unpopular, but I believe it to be true on many levels. I feel that in order to be a great wrestler, you can’t be one dimensional. If the WWE makes that call because they need a top face, the great ones will make it work and make it work well. Look at the HBKs, Bret Harts, HHHs, Kurt Angles, Ric Flairs, they can make that transition and we believe them when they do. To me, with Randy Orton’s obvious ability, there is no reason why he can’t be one of those guys. As much as I hate John Cena, I think he can be one of those guys. If the WWE brass ever got the cajones to turn Cena heel, He would run with it and be great. Then, and only then, will I ever respect John Cena, the wrestler. Randy Orton just isn’t one of those guys and he keeps proving it. He is a heel and can’t ever be anything else. That is why I feel like he isn’t one of the greats and when his career is all said and done, he won’t be.

I got a little off course there with that, but I am pointing these things out because if I were Randy, I would have to seriously consider making the change to TNA to save his career. He is stuck in a creative rut with the WWE and a fresh change could do him some good. TNA could use all the help they can get too because they can never seem to quite get over the hump. Maybe adding someone like a Randy Orton could do the trick.

So what would TNA do with Randy Orton? What should they do? I would love to get everyone’s input on this. Let’s throw some ideas and scenarios around. The first thing I would do to introduce Randy to TNA is pretty simple and I think it could be one of those great feuds we talk about for awhile: Have him run out and take out Kurt Angle during a big match, maybe during a title shot of some sort or something.

Why Kurt Angle you ask? I don’t know how many of you remember this, but I think it was around or during Wrestlemania 27 and Randy Orton did the Angle Slam. Well, Kurt took extreme offense to this and vented on Twitter about it. Here is what he had to say:

I Hope that W-mania was entertaining for all of You, especially ‘The Rock’. Oh, and Orton-relax, I won’t beat ur ass. You can use my moveSmile – @AngleFoods1

To anyone I upset, I am sorry. I didn’t watch W-mania last night. I DID get a lot of tweets during Show. About Orton, Swagger,etc.Who cares? – @AngleFoods1

Jerry Lawlor did it too. But He is a Legend. WWE really stuck it to Me.No Love lost. I’m glad that I helped Your biggest Event of the YearSmile – @AngleFoods1

Why would WWE use my finishes? Is it because I won’t go back? R Orton- Angle Slam. M Cole- Ankle Lock? They have some nerve. – @AngleFoods1

Kurt Angle will never die. TNA. WWE. I’m a leader. Not follower. – @AngleFoods1

I guess Swagger will use my Ankle Lock as well.Very creative. I’m the Best in the World. You Guys will never be Kurt Angle.can I get an AMEN – @AngleFoods1

I heard Orton had an Awesome match though. Ur welcome. Lol. – @AngleFoods1
To WWE wrestlers, Don’t use my Finish. Get more Creative. Hmmmm- Orton. Did I say that? – @AngleFoods1

Here is how Orton responded (and quite cleverly too I must say):

Btw does anyone know what Ken Shamrocks finish was? I believe Jack Swagger used ankle lock outta respect for Ken? – @RandyOrton

Point being, instead of taking offense to someone using your move, consider it a sign of respect. – @RandyOrton
And I know for a fact that SCSA got the ‘Thesz Press’ from Dutch Mantel – @RandyOrton

Everythings been done before as far as ‘moves’ go in the sports entertainment. I want to thank SCSA for the ‘Thesz Press’. – @RandyOrton

To which Kurt Angle replied:

2 Randy Orton’s credit, I Heard He had the best match of the night. Good for You! Btw, I Never used Shamrock’s finish while he still wrestled – @AngleFoods1

So you see, this is why I think it would be a great time to rehash this feud, especially with the role that social media has continued to play in wrestling. This could be a fierce, hard hitting feud and I can totally picture these 2 going toe to toe with their promos and with some intense matches in the ring. Can’t you see these guys exchanging some nasty European uppercuts in the middle of the ring like old times?

As I round out this blog, I would love to see Randy Orton against some of the guys he’s never faced before like Bobby Rude and James Storm. How about a “legend” he’s never killed before in Sting or Hulk Hogan? That would be cool. Another couple of great matchups would be with Austin Aries and A.J. Styles (assuming Styles isn’t in the WWE by then of course).

What does the future hold for Mr. Orton? Who knows, but he has definitely been missing something for quite some time and he needs to get it back. Whether it is in the WWE or TNA Impact, I hope Randy Orton gets back to kickin ass, killing Legends and be the viper we all know that he can be.

Don't forget to send me your comments on how you see Orton being used if he went to TNA. Again, throw some different scenarios at me.

Till next time…Peace out Y’all!!

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