Adam wilkinson

Rey Mysterio's Time is Coming to a Close

There comes a time for every athlete where they no longer have the impact, relevance or fitness to continue performing at the highest level.

It happened to Ric Flair, it happened to John Bradshaw Layfield, and now it’s happening to Rey Mysterio.

Since his return from injury and suspension last month, Rey has struggled to gain the momentum he once had at the pinnacle of his career.

It is greatly due to this reason that retirement doesn’t sound like a harsh thing to suggest.

In fact it is a bitter pill most Superstars have had to face in their careers.

Undoubtedly Rey will enter the Hall of Fame, and rightly so having instilled his name and legacy throughout the annals of WWE history.

Before that however, it is necessary for Rey and the company to realise Rey’s time may be coming to a close, and in turn how a man of such legendary status can be best utilised and highlighted leading into retirement.

For Ric Flair it was a series of ‘Career Threatening’ matches, for Shawn Michaels it was his career versus the streak.

With this said, Rey too needs, and more importantly deserves, a similar kind of recognition and farewell.

Thankfully with WWE’s current young crop of talent, the possibilities for such a scenario are endless.

Although having been done too many times already, a lengthy and personal feud between Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio could certainly work wonders.

Given the pair’s long history and Mexican backgrounds, a personal and violent Mysterio-Del Rio match would bring a different vibe to any WWE pay-per-view.

Other names that spring to mind are Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett given their current aggressive personas and standing within the company.

As well as a lengthy, big name program, a big name setting would also be paramount.

Given Mysterio’s fantastic career and hard work, a Wrestlemania send-off seems most appropriate, similar to the farewell matches given to Ric Flair, JBL and Shawn Michaels.

Whichever direction Rey does take in his career leading into his retirement, his legacy will surely always be remembered.

From his days in ECW and WCW, to his feud with Eddie Guerrero and World Title win, Rey has certainly achieved everything as a professional wrestler and a man.

But as Triple H illustrated last night, an athlete’s most crowning achievement is knowing when to hang up the boots.

For Rey Mysterio too, that achievement should come sooner rather than later.