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Some of the best tag teams in WWE history have always had a brilliant manager in their corner.

The Hart Foundation had Jimmy Hart in their corner at one point. Jimmy also managed perhaps the biggest (heaviest) tag team, one of the greats - The Natural Disasters. In fact, Jimmy Hart has managed loads of great teams, remember the Fabulous Rougeaus and the Glamour Girls?

Going back even further, Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens introduced Bobby Heenan to the Tag Team Division managment scene in the AWA (thank you Spectacular Legacy of AWA DVD for that reference).

A true wrestling fan cannot discuss Managers without mentioning the 3rd Hall of Famer Manager mentioned in this blog - Mr. Fuji. From the Orient Express to Yokozuna and Crush, Harry Fujiwara made any team look nothing less than great.

More recent times though, tag teams have either had a valet in their corner, or no one at all. From Deuce and Domino using Sherry as their valet (she was lovely) to a more modern day team of Primo and Epico using Rosa Mendez's charms to distract their opponents, managers more often then not stole the show with their 30 seconds distraction tactic then any high flying moves done by the likes of Sin Cara or the like.

We all know about AW and how he dropped a clanger, I'm not here to discuss his downfalls, I'm here to make a claim for another heel manager role and who could fill it. We've all been crying out for a heel faction either big or small to bring some heat to WWE programming. The answer to our requests could lie in former GM Teddy Long.

I know they tried it a while ago with Teddy and it didn't work, but in those days he had to work with a rather wooden Rodney Mack and went for a more "being held back" angle which didn't work at the time. Now however, Teddy HAS actually been held back by the appointment of Booker T as GM of Smackdown. Teddy is now a senior advisor to Booker. That to me screams of future heel turn, which could work this time.

I'm not saying copy AW's role regarding which team he has in his stable. I'm thinking more of a Bobby Heenan family type of thing. He could enlist Kofi and Truth in his stable when they drop the titles, what a great way to add some much needed fizz to that team by turning them heel? He could also have a name big heel in his stable like Del Rio, assuming the recent hints towards dropping Rodriguez does happen.

Certainly Smackdown needs an extra little boost of energy. They've already started this by employing a much better GM in Booker T, and all it needs now is another storyline other than who is going to face Sheamus.

Teddy Long can pull off the annoying manager gimmick. Like him or not, his talent is kind of wasted playing second fiddle to the GM. They have provided the most memorable characters in the past, look who well Slick was received when he returned at the Wedding, fans loved seeing him again.

The superstars I suggested for his stable are just that, suggestions. The stable could provide much needed pushes for any mid card superstar that he recruits to the stable.

WWE started something good with All World Promotions. Just because they released the main character does not mean they should just drop the manager gimmick altogether. If anything, start it again, and start it now.

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