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John Cena Talks About Setting a Good Example on TV and WWE Switching to PG Content

Posted on December 14, 2012 by
- John Cena and Sheamus particpated in a conference call on Thursday to promote WWE's Tribute to The Troops special that airs next week.

Cena talked about WWE's programming changing to PG and called it a legitimate conscious decision by the company. He said:

"Our programming has changed so much over the years. I started in 2002, our programming was more TV-14, edgy, anti-hero based, more conflict-hero based. Since then, I think our programming has made a turn for the better into more of a PG environment. All of our programming platform-wise is PG."

"The reason is simply because the people who attend our events. More families began to attend and more children began to attend. When you have those young and youthful eyes looking at you, you know you're global, you tend to have choices to make. Me being portrayed as a good guy on our programming, it was an obvious choice. I wanted to do my best to use my TV time to set good examples."

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Randall McEnaney
a turn for the better? lol his head must be so far up vince's ass it's unbelievable.
  • December 14, 2012
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