Worst Possible Outcomes at The Royal Rumble

Worst Possible Outcomes at The Royal Rumble

Ahhyessir, the Royal Rumble is but a few weeks away. No one is really 100% sure just who is winning the thing. There’s a lot of excitement. There’s a lot of anticipation. What could be the worst way to ruin everyone’s dreams and excitement?

Here are the worst possible outcomes for the 2018 Royal Rumble.


A Roman Reigns Victory

I don’t hate Roman Reigns. I think he is a great wrestler who has proven on multiple occasions that he can be a top guy. That said, I would hate it if he won the Rumble.

We all know that Roman “The Big Dog” Reigns is going to defeat Brock “The Beast ‘Conqueror’ Incarnate” Lesnar. That plan’s been in motion since a year ago when Lesnar defeated Bill “Goldberg” Goldberg and became the Universal Champion. Everyone just wants it over with so that Reigns can just get the title and hold it until the heat death of the universe.

Since we all know that’s going to happen, most people would rather not waste 4 hours of their lives to see Roman Reigns win the Royal Rumble. Most people would at least like to see someone new and exciting win the Rumble. They want someone who can and will challenge for the WWE Championship, since the Universal Championship pretty much has Roman Reigns’ name on it.


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  • Jamie

    lol. Yeah okay, you don’t “hate” roman, but your “articles” always prove otherwise. Keep that hard on going

    • Gabby C. Duran

      I think there’s a difference between making a few jokes about Roman Reigns and me hating the guy and refusing to enjoy anything he does.

    • Aarón Montes De Oca Rodriguez

      Roman has a curse: He is Vince’s Favourite “baby”. He is a good wrestler, he is good looking, and he is and will be a star. But is hard for many to enjoy his presence because of how much is done and booked in order to present him as the undisputed face of the company.

      • Possible

        He is a good wrestler? Pretty sure a good wrestler got lost in the shuffle with a good entertainer a long time ago.

    • Mr. Sinister

      He’s right you know. Roman is a system wrestler. Just like Hogan was…just like Cena. Without the machine pushing him up everyone’s ass he would be out of wrestling by now.

  • Mal

    Roman winning the RR in Philly 2x times, yes, that would be the biggest heel reaction to a non-heel. The ring wouldn’t implode from any spot because it’s premeditated. Every time the ring has collapsed it’s done in a way where it’s choreographed with the drop. They’ve had so many wrestlers in the ring and it’s never happened. WWE hires proficient ring crew. You think they really let Braun pull down a scaffold on 2 of their high paid stars without precautions.

    • Possible

      Think he’s saying that if there was a staged ring collapse in that match, it would be a mess to set it up again for the actual rumble match that closes the show. He’s not saying that it would happen just by chance.

  • George DE ANIMAL

    Strowman wins the title at the RR. Nakamura wins the rumble.
    Reigns vs Strowman vs Lesner at Wrestlemania.
    Nakamura pins Styles to win the WWE belt.
    Reigns pins Lesner to win the Universal belt.
    Moments later Balor club jumps him, Wrestlemania
    goes off the air with Reigns & Balor giving each other
    the stare of death!

    • Possible

      It’s a sound plan, with only 2 minor flaws. 1, the elimination chamber that’s coming up. They can use it to flip the script with who takes the universal belt into mania, or just use it to walk RR in to mania. Either way, with the chamber being raw side, something has to be done there. 2 is strowman. You give him the belt for that short a stint, you risk doing what they did to Bray and it just falls flat after that.

  • Ryborg

    Love that kind of paper, it’s ridiculously funny!

  • ScottyPNR

    Mojo Riley shouldn’t be higher than #5 or be in the rumble at all

  • Sumair fraz

    Soooo yeah this article is about worst outcomes but man were you serious while writing this

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