Major Change for Tonight's Impact Tapings

Major Change for Tonight’s Impact Tapings

Impact Wrestling has decided to get rid of the six-sided ring again.

We have received word that there traditional four corner ring setup was used for today’s Impact tapings in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios and not the traditional six-sided one.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a “Twitch” logo on the sides of the ring. Impact has not announced a deal with the streaming platform but this would indicate that one will be coming soon.

Tapings for tonight’s show kick off at round 6PM ET. As always, we will have spoiler coverage.


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  • Mr. Sinister

    Just stick with something already.

    • Zachary Whitney

      I ageee. I’ve been watching them lately, and they have a lot of foundational pieces to start rebuilding. But they need to pick an identity and stick with it before they can really do that.

  • Possible

    new ring, who’s not getting paid this week?!?!

  • jahwoo

    lol…. but better for the performers or options of performers to bring in with the standard ring itinit?…. I think when they changed back to the six sides it was a failure because almost everyone still seemed to be working a four side style…

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