WWE Makes Slight Modification to the WWE Championship Title Belt

WWE Makes Slight Modification to the WWE Championship Title Belt

AJ Styles debuted a slight modification to the WWE Championship Title belt Tuesday night on SmackDown Live. The red line under the WWE logo on the title belt is now black. You can check out the comparison between the old and new look below:

What do you think of the modification? Sound off in the comment section below…



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  • Enrique


  • Melissa A. Klein

    What it looks like to me it doesn’t look black looks like it’s dark blue

    • SuckItMarks

      Why are you still on this site?

      • L. Knight

        Never mind that, I’m wondering why the bitch is still alive.

        • SC

          You are both absolute douchebags and no one will ever sleep with you angry nerds.

          • SuckItMarks

            Actually, o

      • SC

        You suck it more.

        • Omar

          OH SNAPPLE, she’s using puppet accounts to defend herself now!!

          And yet… she still can’t figure out where the ‘period’ key is. Weird.

        • SuckItMarks

          My girl sucks it more. Does yours?

          • Mike

            He said “Angry nerds” lmao, I fuckin can’t. Fan of The Club huh?

  • Mr. Sinister

    Should be blue.

  • George DE ANIMAL

    To be fair to MAK, yeah it does look like it’s dark blue.
    Makes sense actually, it’s a Smackdown title. If you look
    close enough you can see it’s dark blue. If the belt goes
    back to Raw they will probably switch it again.

  • TheBigKing1

    ILL. Why would they do that for?? SMH

  • ScottyPNR

    Would have never noticed. It’s such an eye sore.

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