The Rock Says He's Seriously Considering Running for President

The Rock Says He’s Seriously Considering Running for President

While appearing on Ellen yesterday, The Rock was asked about running for President of The United States. The Rock responded to the question, “I’m seriously considering it, yes.”

Jumanji co-star Kevin Hart was very supportive of the idea. You can check out footage from the show below:


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  • Possible

    Running mate Kim Kardashian ?

    • NoGoodMickey

      All seriousness though, any day over trump. At least Dwayne has a head on his shoulders. Trumps going to kill us.

      • Ortiz

        Take a couple breaths and calm down… you’re being a bit hysterical.

        I’m not a Trump fan by any means, but in reality we’re not any worse off now than we were with any other US president in most of our lifetimes. Try not to let the extremely-toxic news media (along with those who gullibly buy everything they propagandize the mentally-abuse the public with) whip you into an overly-emotional tizzy. I promise you you’ll be no better for it. It’s no more ‘doomsday’ now than it ever was.

        • Ortiz

          *along with those who gullibly buy everything they propagandize ***and*** mentally-abuse the public with.

          (wish signing-in worked for me so I could edit posts lol)

        • Omar

          It’s unfortunate that to be the voice of reason, one must now use the disclaimer “I’m no fan of Trump’s, but”…

          I’M NOT A FAN EITHER, BUT anyone being paranoid that your own president is literally going to “kill us all” may need to chill the hell out and reevaluate some things. I told the same exact thing to those saying Hillary was going to end the world.

          As Ortiz wisely suggests, people seriously need to step away from all the partisan headlines that are just making everyone on BOTH sides hateful, misinformed, and just… sick.

        • NoGoodMickey

          I said three sentences, you wrote a book. Don’t get triggered, guy. You two are typical “political know-it-alls”. You sit around all day waiting for someone to say Trump and you fire away your paragraph of different words you heard off fox today. Our baby boy president is a moron, if you can’t agree with that you need simple education. I can’t help you. (Oh, ya, I realize you aren’t fans of trump, but you kiss his ass like one.) 😉

          • TheBigKing1

            Lmao! Facts!

          • NoGoodMickey

            Thank you xD

    • ScottyPNR

      It would be Tom hanks.

  • joegvo

    “Love Trumps Hate”

    “Vote for me, I’ll do a lot of hateful promos against the president.”

  • Omar

    So his one qualification for President is that he’s an actor/celebrity. And honestly, that’s probably all one needs to get votes in the US these days… as pathetic as that may be.

    …although, it IS better than being a career politician imo. 😉

    • NCAALOVER502

      Yo it would be lit to have him as a president tho.

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