Why Daniel Bryan Will Win The Royal Rumble Next Year

Can you all believe we are a mere two months away from the Royal Rumble? It just seemed like yesterday that we were watching the likes of Brock, Taker, and Goldberg going at it for a chance to headline Wrestlemania. As far as I know, none of those three men will be participating this go round. Randy Orton was the victor in January. WWE would be wise to go another route with the victor this time. It needs to be someone who hasn’t won before. Someone that would immediately elevate the main event of Wrestlemania 34. That person is none other than Daniel Bryan.

Your mind has to be spinning right now, spewing out questions. How can he wrestle when he is unable to compete? Could he even perform at the same level after being away for so long? Will the fans be accepting of this? In actuality, a Daniel Bryan return doesn’t seem too far fetched. Reports are spreading that the doctors at WWE are reviewing their results from Bryan’s tests and will determine his status going forward.

If at all possible, clearing Daniel Bryan would be the best move for the company. The fans are still admired by Bryan, just look at his reaction every week on Smackdown Live. It’s also no surprise just how badly he wants to compete. You can’t blame the guy. His career was taken from under him instead of going out on his own terms. Plus, his contract is rumored to expire next year. If the company want to keep him around as a valuable asset, they need to do all they can to get him back in a WWE ring.

Step one of this plan is simple: Have Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble.

There’s starting to be some animosity between Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon. If history serves us right, it seems that a match between the two is on the way. No offense to Shane McMahon, but the return of Daniel Bryan should be on a big stage in a big match. It doesn’t get much bigger than the Royal Rumble. Literally anyone could show up and be a threat. For a more meaningful moment, Bryan should be a surprise entrant at the number thirty spot.

Each and every year fans will speculate who the surprise will be. Having Bryan be that guy this time will send shockwaves through the crowd. Everyone in that ring would be shocked, standing still with their jaws on the mat. Bryan starts picking them off one by one until we are down to two men: Daniel Bryan and Shinsuke Nakamura. The crowd does the YES! chant in full force with every kick and punch landed. It’s a dream match for sure, but we all know who should come out on top at that moment.

Daniel Bryan wins the Rumble and will go on to challenge the WWE Champion, AJ Styles. Fans have been salivating at a match between these two living legends. A match worthy enough to main event Wrestlemania 34. It just so happens that Wrestlemania is taking place in New Orleans, the same place Bryan headlined Wrestlemania XXX and captured the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Can lady luck strike twice in a four year span? The stars are aligning perfectly for that plan.

Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble would kick 2018 off in a perfect way for the company. The fans would love it, ratings would increase, and network subscribers might even increase as well. He deserves to go out in WWE on his own terms. He deserves to have the opportunity to recapture the title he never technically lost. If there was a dark horse to win the 2018 Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan should be your guy.


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