WOKEN Matt Hardy Says He's Going to DELETE Bray Wyatt & Sister Abigail

WOKEN Matt Hardy Says He’s Going to DELETE Bray Wyatt & Sister Abigail

As seen on Monday’s episode of RAW, “WOKEN” Matt Hardy arrived on RAW and had a back-and-forth with Bray Wyatt on the tron.

In response to a WWE.com poll question on Twitter, Hardy mentioned that he would DELETE both Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail.


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  • Kaiser

    That was actually… really good.

  • Mike

    Can’t wait to hear bout Vince stroking his ego by saying Bray was the one that made Matt be #WOKEN just a way for Vince to say he created something. And the fact that his first opponent is Bray, I can see Vince putting Bray over to make him look as the better gimmick.

    • Possible

      And then everything ends up really broken

    • Ortiz

      You’re probably right about Vince’s selfish intentions here. Although after watching the video above, I could see that plan completely backfiring and Bray looking like the weaker gimmick… despite how hard WWE tries to bury Broken Matt Hardy.

      …not that Vince will anything from his mistakes thanks to being far too stubborn and incredibly out-of-touch as usual.

      • Mike

        Yea, Bray is beyond repair at this point. Unless he’s taken off tv for a few months. Maybe after Lesnar truly does leave and once the universal title us on someone he can actually challenge for, but he has to come back as a reliable threat, baby face or heel.

        • johnnyjoseph

          WOWOWOWOWOWOW, you all ALWAYS seem to have the answers to WWE’s problems!!!! Why don’t you all go work for them??? Oh wait, you can’t because you’d rather spend your time complaining online!!! What a life!!!

          • Mike

            Haha, funny thing I actually applied for the creative team listing they posted. Got a call from them, but had to decline becuase they wanted me to move to Connecticut. My career I have at the moment will not allow me to do so, but they said the door is open if and when I want to be done with said career. So, until then I will “spend time complaining online!!!”

            P.S. it is a good life, especially when someone gets real butthurt over a comment….on the internet! This your first time online without mommy and daddy?? Come down Johnny boy or get a life.

          • Omar

            Damn Mike, you really devastated on here recently — to resort to anonymously raging on you over nothing like that! Poor kid. 😛

            Also the lowest form of communication is complaining about complaining. Unfortunately opinions on the internet are a thing.

          • Mike

            Dude!!!! It was from far left field, I didn’t even really bash on WWE haha. I just love how Bray will get to fully feel how Harry’s compound is far greater than his

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