Pros & Cons of AJ Styles Defeating Jinder Mahal

Pros & Cons of AJ Styles Defeating Jinder Mahal

Many people were looking forward to AJ Styles v. Rusev, myself included. The two men have never had a one-on-one match before. Unfortunately, that dream match is being saved for another time.

In a shocking shocker of a shock, Shane McMahon announced that Jinder would defend his WWE Championship against AJ Styles next week. There are many rumors, of course. Some are suggesting a wellness violation. Others say Jinder’s hurt. Some even say that Brock Lesnar is refusing to face the Modern Day Maharajah. Of course, we have no clue yet what is and isn’t true. We just have to accept the facts that we have. And right now all the facts are seemingly pointing to AJ defeating Jinder Mahal and becoming a two-time WWE Champion.

Let’s assume Styles wins. What are the possible pros and cons of this situation? Let’s try and find out.

Pro: It Allows Jinder to Heal

One of the rumors being thrown around consistently is that Jinder is working hurt. He denied this to ESPN, but various people have claimed he’s wearing that weird muscle tape during dark matches and events. You know the tape Cesaro wears? Yeah, people are saying that’s what Jinder’s got.

Everyone knows that working through an injury is potentially dangerous. They just pile up and pile up, and bam. Suddenly, your leg is broken, or you have nerve damage, or you have a slipped disk. These things accumulate. It happens to a lot of people.

On one hand, if this is true, then you have to feel kind of bad for Jinder. He was given the ball and he ran with it. He really is working hard with what he’s been given. If he had to give up his spot prematurely, it must hurt a little bit. Jinder knows where he once was on the card. Lord only knows if and when Jinder is going to become a champion ever again.

If the supposed injury requires him dropping the title, then he needs to rest. He can allow his body to heal, take some time off with his family, and maybe even come back better. He can come back refreshed.


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I like wrestling, and I like money, so writing for Ringside News is good for me.

    Damn right there ain’t no cons it’s all Pros when we get rid of this failed experiment this trying to push a jobber.. we can actually make the WWE Championship matter again and mean something with a guy who was going to take the Championships till New Height better than his first run.. can actually start selling merchandise for a WWE Champion again Arenas will actually be sold out again people will want to watch the matches we don’t have to have a boring match anymore I mean what’s not to like about this decision

  • Phill

    No cons… except the rematch clause etc.

    • ScottyPNR

      How many title changes have happened over the rematch clause in the last 15 years. Not many. It’s kinda irrelevant at this point. Owens never got his rematch, Balor never got his, the rock and Goldberg never got theirs. Tranajinder damn sure never earned the wwe title and shouldn’t get a rematch either.

  • TheBigKing1

    LOL @ Gabby getting her hopes all up. Who said that AJ will win?? Just cause he’s a better wrestler than Jinder? That don’t mean anything.

    I got Jinder retaining.

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