Poor Attendance Continues at RAW on Monday Night

Poor Attendance Continues at RAW on Monday Night

Dave Meltzer mentioned on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that a lot of the arena at Monday’s RAW in Portland, Oregon was tarped off, indicating another low turnout for the show.

Here are some photos that fans shared on social media, which would also indicate a low attendance for the event:

RAW has had low attendance in recent weeks. Many fans have mentioned to us that they have stopped going to WWE events because the increase in ticket prices and because of the overall “stale” product.


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  • Philip Manley


  • George DE ANIMAL

    Take that, Vince!! Getting hit right where it hurts the most,
    RIGHT IN THE POCKET!!! And, it’s gonna get worse!
    More talents are going to leave, it will happen!
    Bad booking decisions, creative bunch of retards!
    Even the Shield together again won’t sell tickets.
    Notice kane is back, there’s a reason for that as
    he had NO INTENTION of returning.
    We met Mr. Jacobs 2 months ago in Boston,
    really really nice guy, told us his political carrer
    was front & center now. SO?????

  • toxxx

    Vince you need to go pg 13 again

    • L. Knight

      … PG-13 is a Movie rating. You mean TV-14. Dumbass.

      • toxxx

        go Cut your wrists you fucking TROLL.
        L.Knight do you not have anything better to do than troll people?
        get a life you small endowed prick!

        • L. Knight

          If I were trolling you, you’d know it. I’d’ve been a lot ruder. I am, however, 26, 27 in January, I donn’t troll often, if at all. When I do, I’m incredibly bored and in need of enertainment.

          As for the size of my prick, The L. in my name stands for Lexa. which in itself is short for Alexa. Like Alexa Bliss.

          My NAME is Alexa. I goddamn better have a small endowment down there, I’m female, for fuck’s sake.

          Also, it’s pretty fucking pathetic that me calling you a dumbass results in you wanting me to off myself, don’t you think? Sticks and stones, dude.

          • Omar

            I notice a lot of younger kids misuse the term “troll” these days whenever they get triggered over something another person says. People just don’t use their brains anymore — kinda like calling television ratings PG-13.

            As far as “small endowed prick”, maybe the hyper-sensitive kid thinks “prick” is another word for boobs?

            Who knows.

          • L. Knight

            Couldn’t’ve said it better myself.

          • vSnake

            What’s your problem?

          • L. Knight

            MY problem? am I the one who told someone to slit their wrists solely due to being called a dumbass?

          • vSnake

            True, but what do you expect when you call someone a dumbass on the internet lol, you cant get upset if you’re the one starting the name calling.

          • SOHIGH

            Hahaha get em Alexa

  • Ivan

    we see through bullshit, vince

  • George DE ANIMAL

    Also, kane coming in through the ring, nothing special there!
    He’s done that a million times, boring! Vince is desperate!!!!!
    Neville is gone, Cesaro MIGHT be asking for his walking
    papers as well. My buddy spoke to him yesterday and he didn’t
    seem very happy with his position. Even though its not his fault,
    I blame jobber jinder. WWE is a messed up place right now, a jobber
    for a world champion, a part-timer universal champion, not good,
    not good at all.

  • Khalid Mobley

    Well I think truly poor attendance is more based on trump.

    • Omar

      Trust me, it’s not. Most people don’t give a crap about that, especially WWE fans.

      Much like some people blamed literally everything under the sun somehow on Obama, don’t let the media brainwash you into thinking everything negative in the world is Trump’s fault or connected to him somehow. It’s almost always politicized BS.

  • jahwoo

    resale sites probably don’t do a lot to help attendance…..especially when they charge 5 times what the ticket originally cost

  • Fernando Yanmar Narciso

    most fans must have thought that the cruiserweights would be the main event again and didnt even bother going there

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