Matt Jackson Cuts Promo on Legal Letter Sent from WWE

Matt Jackson Cuts Promo on Legal Letter Sent from WWE

The Bullet Club talked about the cease and desist letter over the “too sweet” hand gesture at Thursday’s ROH Global Wars in Buffalo, New York. They also reference the firing of Jimmy Jacobs for the RAW “invasion” angle from a few weeks back.

“I don’t even know where to begin,” said Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks. “These last few weeks have been such a whirlwind in our career. I want to say how much I love Ring of Honor, and I’m not just saying that. I love this place for a certain reason. I can do whatever the hell I want and not going to get a damn cease and desist letter. I have the benefit of taking a damn selfie with whoever the hell I want. But most importantly, I love this company more than any other company in the world because of all you fans. I mean that.”

Nick Jackson chimed in at one point and said the fans allow them to see their families on Christmas, which caused the crowd to begin chanting “f*ck Vince.”

In regards to the cease and desist, Matt Jackson said, “You think that because you own a billion dollar company that you can take some silly hand gesture away from me? You’re not taking it away from me. You’re taking it from every one of the fans.”

You can check out footage of the incident below:


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  • Mark Webster

    Any one else sick of seeing stories about these spot monkeys?

    • Mário Félix

      you can suck my spot monkey cock then

    • JJ Lohse


    • Scott Johnson

      Nope. They’re having fun and putting on great matches. Rather watch the Bucks than basically anyone in WWE right now. Especially if they keep wasting AJ on guys like Baron Corbin.

  • Jamie Henry

    I’d agree with the guys, but nothing about them is original. Also, Nick? It wasn’t Vince’s choice to have the wrestlers work on Christmas. Why don’t you read something that’s not about yourself, yeah?

    • Mike

      …..and everything wwe does is original?? Go back and check the history books, yeah? You probably think war games and starrcade are wwe originals, yeah?

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