Confirmed: Neville Walks Out at Monday's RAW

Confirmed: Neville Walks Out at Monday’s RAW

There was a rumor floating around on social media Tuesday night that Neville had quit WWE and walked out on the company Monday night.

F4WOnline has confirmed the reports that Neville did in fact walk out on WWE and it appears that he did quit the company. However, WWE has officially denied that he’s quit.

As previously noted, Neville was originally scheduled to face Enzo in the Lumberjack match on RAW and was booked to lose the match. WWE ended up changing those plans on Monday. It’s also worth noting that Neville didn’t appear on Tuesday’s episode of 205 Live either, which is another indication.


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  • Jamie Henry

    Then he is absolutely pathetic.

    • Moe Baydoun

      I donโ€™t blame him. The guy is being asked to lose to enzo again. He was the face of the that division but who knows why he left.

      • joegvo

        Poor fictional character.

  • PNutButty

    I guess he’s tired of WWE’s crappy booking.

    • Kiz and Goldie

      Losing five whole matches all year long what crappy booking for him

      • PNutButty

        Doesn’t have to be about him it could just be the booking in general.

  • Melissa A. Klein

    If nobody was in the range of hearing what was going on could you possibly anything he asked for time off to heal himself maybe to go take a vacation until the whole story comes out don’t assume anything

    • Dave Johnston

      Can you please refrain from posting anything on here until you learn proper grammar and punctuation? Thank you.

      • Melissa A. Klein

        Wow I didn’t know this was English class so by you pointing that out I’m completely wrong about my opinion

        • Omar

          He didn’t say your opinions are wrong, he just said you should learn how to use proper grammar and punctuation — which is accurate.

          • Melissa A. Klein

            Why does everybody point out grammar and punctuation if people are worrying about that wow you got some serious issues

          • L. Knight

            Because you look fucking retarded, you cow.

          • Omar

            People point this out to you time and time again because your comments are annoying for people to read, if not sometimes very difficult to get through. Nothing more to it than that.

            So if getting scolded constantly for not understanding how to use periods and other punctuation properly annoys you, how about you stop insisting on pretending you’re retarded and start using them? Seems like a positive, productive solution for everybody.

        • Dave Johnston

          Never once said your opinion was wrong, just that you really need to learn sentence structure and proper grammar/punctuation. That is all.

    • Kaiser

      …as you go on to make up asinine stories that he asked for vacation when you haven’t a clue what happened, and are far less credible than any related sources.

      If you’re this skeptical of a perfectly reasonable story, why even read the dirt sheets at all?

      • Melissa A. Klein

        And why is everybody assuming that he quit nobody knows the true story so why is everybody reporting that he quit he walked out it could be a multitude of things so stop jumping to conclusions

        • Kaiser

          People believe he walked out because multiple credible news sites have reported on it. Dreaming-up that he just went on a little vacation when sources claim otherwise is *you* jumping to dumb conclusions.

          Do as I say, not as I do… amirite?

          • Melissa A. Klein

            You weren’t there it can mean something else why does everybody assume that he quit everybody always goes for the bad side of things maybe it’s actually a good thing you don’t know stop assuming things

          • Possible

            I’m assuming you write most of your comments from a flip phone.

          • L. Knight

            You know, I had that exact thought one time. She looks old enough to not know what iPhone means.

          • Ortiz

            There’s a difference between blind assumptions and reaching an educated conclusion based on available facts. Abruptly leaving a show and then failing to appear for the following dates is never a “good thing”.

            Whether he’s really leaving the company or not, anyone with below-average intelligence can see this Nevile situation isn’t good. Quit making blind assumptions and try using your brain for once… it’s no surprise you can’t grasp basic sentence structure.

          • Kenneth Harris Jenkins

            Woah. Steve Carrier posts the shittiest writing Iโ€™ve ever seen. Ever. You all still laud him. :::question mark::: #curiosgeorgememe leave this illiterate commenter alone! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜‚

          • David

            While you’re generally not wrong about Steve Carrier, Ortiz’s points also weren’t wrong, so I don’t get your bitterness toward him. There are other sites (with far better writers) also reporting this story. If you bothered reading this article you’d know there was at least one other source for this story (and it indeed checks out). Again, there are additional sites reporting this as well. While it may or may not be a rumor, at least Steve’s not just talking out of his ass on this one.

            And you might want to read things a bit better before calling others illiterate.

        • โ™˜ Jaymie Knight โ™˜

          ? , ? …

          Use these.

    • TheVoicz

      If only you ran on in real life just like your sentences you’d lose a lot of weight.

      • Dave Johnston

        That is just rude and uncalled for. People who make personal attacks on others looks etc., are just as ignorant.

        • TheVoicz

          Well you’re a fucking idiot.

          Now wear a pussy hat & call it bullying.

          • Dave Johnston

            You are a poor excuse for a human being. Why don’t you get your head of your ass and quit jerking off and come up with some sensible, coherent thoughts on the situation, instead of attacking someone’s looks.

          • Dakon3

            Getting triggered over minor insults, insulting back at others, and white-knighting for random people on the internet who don’t give a crap that you’re rushing to their defense is also just as bad… if not worse.

            Talk about jerking off your ego.

          • Dave Johnston

            Totally uncalled for bashing of someone is uncalled for. If you support this type of behavior, then you are no better, and your opinion is moot. Have a good day.

  • Tical323

    How long and how many times has he been Cruiserweight champ with stale ass storylines and matches but walks out when they finally get some buzz. Dude you can’t hold the belt forever and it can’t revolve around you forever.

  • Weebo

    Where did you hear he actually quit? You the first to report that with confidence as everyone else has said they can not confirm or deny he asked for his release.

    • Omar

      This article already answered your question. It says F4WOnline reported it.

      Although I never saw any articles on this site claiming with any confidence that he indeed quit — just walked out. Steve was pretty clear and consistent about Neville quitting being a rumor at this point.

  • Jeff Hart

    He’s seeing a guy that has been moved around because of his attitude and now they are calling it to help promote 205, get the belt and is now scheduled to keep it. When there are guys there every night that bust there butts and get nowhere. He was already forced to lose to the goof and now expected to lose again? Enzo has been noting but a problem since he made it to the main roster and just keeps getting worse and they keep giving him better opportunities, main events and titles, when he really should be suspended for his actions and lose any big chances to the guys doing what is asked of them.

    • Kiz and Goldie

      Hi ,this is professional wrestling nobody’s forced to lose ,they are scripted outcomes. And with as much heat as Enzo has right now they just main evented Monday Night, on the same night it was a shield reunion

  • ScottyPNR

    Poor sport. But as much as I like Enzo. Neville should have never lost it to enzo. Tozawa should ideally still be champion.

  • Joshua Bosley

    I see alot of comments that don’t like that he quit. Maybe he wasnt happy at his job? Maybe he thinks he can do better on the indie circuit? Have a more productive wrestling career outside of wwe?
    Cody Rhodes seems to be doing just fine and productive outside of wwe. He did relatively the same thing that Neville did.
    Might be the best move for Neville, who is arguably in the top 10 performers in Wwe.
    I think in the long run , wwe and we will miss him alot more than he will miss wwe and us.

  • ryan

    Secret people confirmed it, but wwes official statement denies it. I feel if it was true, they wouldn’t of said anything or confirmed it.

  • Anthony Rocco Riban

    Holy Cow !!! This must be the clam flap section.

  • TheVoicz

    Cheers, big ears.

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