Speculation on Jinder Mahal's Next Title Defense

Speculation on Jinder Mahal’s Next Title Defense

As seen at WWE Hell in Cell event, Jinder Mahal defeated Nakamura to retain his WWE Championship Sunday night.

Dave Meltzer discussed the match on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and indicated that the feud between Nakamura and Jinder is over. Meltzer speculated that AJ Styles could be the next challenger for the WWE Title but couldn’t elaborate on exactly when that match will take place.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything regarding Mahal’s next challenger for the WWE Championship.


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  • Melissa A. Klein

    God I hope so because let me tell you something if this keeps up with Jinder Mahal there’s not getting anybody at Smackdown live every Tuesday

    • Sean

      I know they made him champ because of wwe going to India but he just sucks and seems to only wrestle one way. Horrible champion.

      • Dennis

        Worst champion in history

        • Sean

          We’re stuck with him till after India tour.

        • Mike

          Far from it.

      • Jeff Hart

        They made him camp to soon, they should’ve waited until a month before going there so it would’ve been a huge celebration. Now it’s to many crappy promos and matches we seen, and he is nothing more than a Vince juicing freak.

  • George DE ANIMAL


    • Mike

      How many other robbers have held other titles? The IC title has been dead, so don’t even mention that piece of shit belt.

      • Erick Schreiber

        Like him or hate him……you have to respect him. The Miz has been Awesome as IC Champion.

        I just hope that one day they feed him to Strowman. Braun needs a belt……and since they made him job to Brock. He might as well eat Miz.

  • Mike

    Boo-fuckin-hoo, at least they made someone different champion. They want people to take him as a threat, that’s why he’s beating “A-class superstars”. Now, bow down to The Modern Day Maharaja!!!!!

  • Ruben Perez

    Make it happen. We need AJ as a champ. It’s time already.

    • Possible

      I don’t think cm punk will let her come back

  • Jeff Hart

    It would have to be soon since there is a PPV next month and JuJu doesn’t have the “Brock I get to defend my title every 3 months” rule.

  • Sinister Marketing®

    Love seeing all you little kid’s complain. 😂

    • Shawn Puff

      Hahahahaa. Seriously. We’ve got a bunch of marks in here. Lmao

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