Shane McMahon Hospitalized for Neck Trauma & Broken Ribs

Shane McMahon Hospitalized for Neck Trauma & Broken Ribs

As seen at Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell event, Shane McMahon lost to Kevin Owens after Sami Zayn interfered in the match and pulled Owens out of the way when Shane leaped off the cell.

It looks like McMahon suffered a lot of injuries from his fall from the top of cell, as he was hospitalized for neck trauma, fractured ribs and a dislocated shoulder, according to’s statement:

“SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon has been taken to a local medical facility after leaping from the top of Hell in a Cell and crashing through an announce table during his brutal Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell Match against Kevin Owens.

A preliminary report has determined that Shane may be dealing with multiple injuries, including neck trauma, fractured ribs and a dislocated shoulder.

While nothing has been confirmed at this time, will continue to monitor Shane’s condition.”


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  • Melissa A. Klein

    Brie Bella is going to be the one pissed-off Mama because now Daniel Bryan actually has to work and Shane’s going to take off some time to heal and Daniel Bryan’s going to have to be that authority figure that means you could actually have to work and I don’t know if you guys noticed but he is growing his hair longer which definitely indicates that he’s going to get back in the ring

  • Supernova


    • Alantor29

      Hey, that wasn’t nice. This guy is in the hospital. Have you no respect for people getting injured?

      • Omar

        It’s at least mostly if not completely kayfabe. Not worth getting offended over.

        • Alantor29

          No, it’s not. This guy Supernova, aka Romangelo of GameFAQs is nothing but a bad example of a human being. He is obsessed with his hatred of Tetsuya Nomura and blind worship of Motoru Toriyama as well as being a despicable pedo pervert. When he comment about some guy breaking his neck on this site, it’s not kayfabe, it’s heartless and not right.

          Plus, Supernova used one of his alts to stalk me on sites I frequent to sometimes.

          All I’m saying that Supernova aka Romangelo needs to check into a mental hospital or get some professional help. Trust me, Supernova is infamous in GameFAQs and a well hated troll there.

  • Johnny D

    No one cares about Brian Bella anymore or the Bellas. When he made his return to SL a few months back they were hoping for ratings…eh not. Its old news.

  • Steven Shewfelt

    damn you guys troll hard in here…should intro you guys to smarking out on FB …where we have legit convos about wrestling

    • TheVoicz

      The fuck uses Facebook asides from that creepy internet pedo Kyle “KyleIsTNA” Boybosa?

    • Omar

      Allow me to introduce you to Myspace. It’s only the latest and hippest place to ‘legitimately’ smark out on wrestling.

  • Mr. Enforcer

    Not surprised if some of these were legit, when they were on top of the cell, Shane kept smashing the back of his head on the support beams.

    • Possible

      That table did not have any of the usual bounce back and then fall, that sucker was all give when he hit it

      • George DE ANIMAL

        If you look at the video you can see the pillow/cushions pop out
        after he hit but they seemed not to work properly as Shane really
        has some bad injuries because of it. One thing for sure, he’s never
        jumping of the cell again.

        • Possible

          Good catch. Yah it just looked off to me, couldn’t tell about the cushions, but I’ve seen enough of those announce tables fold to know it didn’t go exactly as planned

      • Daniel

        If u look it had cushion for the fall.

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