Reason Asuka Is Headed to the RAW Brand

Reason Asuka Is Headed to the RAW Brand

As previously reported, WWE announced on Monday’s episode of RAW that Asuka has signed to the RAW brand and is expected to make her debut in the future. Dave Meltzer discussed Asuka’s status on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and mentioned that she won’t be brought up to the RAW brand until sometime in November.

In regards to why she is headed to the RAW brand instead of SmackDown, Meltzer said that the company feels that SmackDown Live has the more well-rounded women’s division and she’s not needed as much there. Meltzer mentioned that Emma being a part of the 4-Way match at WWE No Mercy for the Women’s Championship is an example of the lack of depth on the RAW Women’s roster because they don’t actually have any real plans for Emma. Emma was placed in the position she is in now because they don’t have anyone else for that top spot.


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  • conan_kun

    RAW Women’s division lacks depth as compared to Smackdown Live, what a joke. Raw has more women than Smackdown but they only cares about Bayley, Sasha, Nia and Alexa, while they don’t bother to build up Emma, Mickie, Dana and Alicia, not to mention Summer is cleared but not using her for more than a year. What’s the point Raw wants those women if they’re not using them.

    • Jeff Hart

      I was with you until you said the names Alicia and summer. Alicia has had years to prove herself and can’t get past gimmick matches like a jealous lover and Summer couldn’t out wrestle Eva, it would be the worst draw in history, not to mention she has the body but not the face to hold a top spot in Vince’s eyes.

      • PNMonkey

        But see that right there is the issue. They stuck Alicia and Summer in those gimmicks. Hell they were about to stic Emma with a gimmick that went no where before they just pulled the plug on it. I’m not sayin g Alicia or Summer would sell out shows but given a chance to actually have time in the ring they might actually prove something. I mean do we honestly think if Carmella was on RAW she’d be in the position she is now? I doubt it, she’d be like Dana, Mickie, Emma and the others.

    • c c

      That’s always been WWE’s problem. They only focus on a few wrestlers instead of trying to build the roster. Then one of the main focus wrestlers gets hurt. Then they have to throw someone who has been treated like a joke into their spot and no one takes them serious because WWE didn’t spent the proper time building them up.

    • X@nthu$ G0ldm@n

      not to mention Paige who was also drafted to Raw

    • ScottyPNR

      It’s a joke no matter where she goes

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