Reason Asuka Is Headed to the RAW Brand

As previously reported, WWE announced on Monday’s episode of RAW that Asuka has signed to the RAW brand and is expected to make her debut in the future. Dave Meltzer discussed Asuka’s status on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and mentioned that she won’t be brought up to the RAW brand until sometime in November.

In regards to why she is headed to the RAW brand instead of SmackDown, Meltzer said that the company feels that SmackDown Live has the more well-rounded women’s division and she’s not needed as much there. Meltzer mentioned that Emma being a part of the 4-Way match at WWE No Mercy for the Women’s Championship is an example of the lack of depth on the RAW Women’s roster because they don’t actually have any real plans for Emma. Emma was placed in the position she is in now because they don’t have anyone else for that top spot.



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