Poor Attendance at Monday's RAW

Poor Attendance at Monday’s RAW

WWE continues to have poor attendance at their events, this time at Monday’s RAW in Anaheim, California. Here is a photo taken of the hard camera side during Monday’s event:

Recently WWE has been having a difficult time selling out arenas. WWE held four big shows during SummerSlam weekend in New York and only one of the four events actually sold out. There have also been photos surfacing from recent WWE Live Events that appear to be lacking fans.



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  • Sakks

    That’s the fault of creative probably, a lot of people aren’t happy with a lot of the stuff they do

    • Kyle Barbosa

      Can we please stop blaming it on creative? Creative has sucked for years upon years now, and the numbers have never been this low

      • Kaiser

        Why would people stop mentioning creative when it’s *obviously* a significant reason people stopped watching the product? And yeah, these things tend to take years to show. It is what it is.

      • Sakks

        Then who’s fault would it be? It absolutely is creatives fault. People have slowly lost interest over time due to creative not being what it once was and this is the result. People put up with it for years hoping creative would get better and it hasn’t so they are finally getting sick of it. It’s no one’s fault but creative because they control what we’re seeing. Get rid of vice since he’s out of touch now, get rid of the current creative team and it would improve

  • Michael

    Probably has to do with all the shows 2 weeks apart in So. Cal. Yesterday was RAW in Anaheim, No Mercy is at Los Angeles next weekend and the following day, RAW is in Ontario. All are 30 miles from each other.

  • OG Shawn

    There’s just not a lot of fans fans, they need to bring it back to how it once was, when every bit was exciting they’ve watered it down for the kids so much that we don’t get to see everything we used to blood, brutality, over the top characters it’s just not the same anymore which causes the lack of popularity towards wwe

  • Sinister Marketing®

    The big names just aren’t there anymore

  • jahwoo

    may have something to do with ticket prices though

  • Darren Taylor

    I think it would help more fans going to shows if they are able to take pictuers my family and I went to a show July 16 2017 at Rupp arena in Lexington Kentucky for a wwe raw house show 4th row from the ring right side just behind VIP we got 6 tickets spent almost 1000 bucks for the trip and the show and everytime we try to take pictures the rent a cops for the arena and wwe came up to my family 4 or 5 times in the first match and threatens to kick us out its a family event I know if i knew that before hand I wouldn’t of spent the money to go and because of my experience with them I will not go back to a wwe show tell they change it ans I know a lot of people who won’t either

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