WWE Draws Small Crowd For Live Event

WWE Draws Small Crowd For Live Event

WWE’s Live Event on Sunday night in Cedar Falls, IA at the McLeod Center and drew a small very crowd. Fans in attendance noted that the crowd size was estimated between 1,000-2,000 people in a 7,000 seat building.

Here are photos from the show:



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    This is what happens when RAW is stacked with big names and SD has 2

  • Melissa A. Klein

    What people are forgetting is that this weekend is Labor Day weekend they should have just ran one show on Saturday or Friday and made it a super live event show with both brands maybe next year they’ll get it right

  • ♘ Jaymie Knight ♘

    I was at the RAW house show last night in Des Moines, and there were easily about 5000 people there… still tons of empty seats, though. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5d7853dc63305cf43d080a9bd82eea3312cd223cf9a11ab7b8dc0d6eb78d4e56.jpg

  • Philip Manley

    That’s a pitiful sight

  • .mike williams

    maybe the people are starting to see what complete garbage the wwe is

  • Trav

    Don’t know if it’s WWE fault or who’s to blame but it generally be poor marketing for these events. I can only speak for my city but there’s not really much promotion put behind it. It’s hard to buy tickets when you hear about it a couple weeks prior and you’re looking at bills. I know WWE schedules these events months in advance so something is going wrong.

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