Reason Why Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins Reuniting Is Best For Business

The WWE Universe finally got what they have been wanting for weeks. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have finally put their differences aside and have united yet again. While we may not have the whole Shield reunited, getting two-thirds of it is almost as sweet. In fact, it was possibly the sweetest thing we’ve seen in quite some time.

It’s all about timing in the entertainment business. If you strike the big move too early, it can easily flame out and no one will care about it. WWE could have reunited Rollins and Ambrose sooner, but made the smart move and decided to wait. Some knew it was coming regardless, but others were left wondering if it would happen or not. Rollins would stick out his fist, Ambrose refused. The following week, the roles were reversed. On this past Raw, both men went in for the fist bump and the TD Garden lost it’s mind. The wait was worth it, and the payoff is oh so sweet.

It all started when Ambrose was feuding with The Miz and kept getting attacked by The Miztourage. Seth Rollins would make the save the night after Great Balls of Fire, much to the surprise of the WWE Universe. Ambrose returned the favor but made it clear he doesn’t trust Rollins. You can’t blame him, I mean he was betrayed by Seth back in 2014. From being ganged up by The Miztourage to being ganged up by Sheamus and Cesaro, Ambrose told Rollins he wouldn’t help if he was outnumbered again. Ambrose stayed true to his word. Later on that night, Ambrose was ganged up on but Rollins made the save. Ambrose stuck his fist out for the bump, but Rollins refused.

This would ultimately lead to Ambrose and Rollins coming to blows about this on Raw this past Monday. Sheamus and Cesaro looked to capitalize on the moment, but was met with force as Ambrose and Rollins put aside their differences and took out the champions. With the fans cheering on, Ambrose held out his fist then brought it back. Rollins also held out his fist and brought it back. Then finally, they both fist bumped and reunited.



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