Enzo Amore Goes on Wild Political Rant

Enzo Amore posted a political rant on Instagram where he name-drops Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson, and a few other renowned political leaders. Here is an excerpt of some of what he said. You can also check out his remarks embedded in the video below:

“And I get excited even talking about it. Speaking of sides, you’ve got your left, you’ve got your right. They could be matching up different angles, could be acute, could be obtuse, could be perpendicular. I mean sure, you’ve got your Mahatma Gandhi (and) you’ve got your Ayatollah Khomeini.”

“You’ve got your Thomas Jeffersons and you’ve got your George Jeffersons. And I’ve sat way up top, high. Deluxe apartments in the sky and ranting on political jargon–the best I’ve done today–so without further adieu, allow me to call the performing artist. Please let me get home… if you like I can break this down in layman’s terms, How you doin?”



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