Bullet Club Members Tease CM Punk Joining The Faction

Bullet Club Members Tease CM Punk Joining The Faction

Bullet Club might be one of the most popular factions in the entire world right now. As of late, the faction has been heavily hinting at CM Punk joining the faction. This shouldn’t really come off as a surprise as the faction has been aiming to recruit Punk for quite some time now.

Just a month ago, one-half of the Young Bucks, Nick Jackson, posted this photo on twitter and tagged Punk in it.

While back in March, Punk took to Twitter to sing the tag team’s praises. Here’s the tweet:

Kenny Omega also posted this video of CM Punk encouraging his E-Sports player friend who was feeling down after losing a Street Fighter tournament. Check it out:

Now, the infamous group is back at it again with all their CM Punk teases. This time, the other half of the Young Bucks, Matt Jackson and the “Villain” Marty Scurll posted this T-shirt design on Twitter:

It should be noted that Ring of Honor’s Global Wars pay-per-view, will take place in Chicago, Illinois which is the hometown of CM Punk. The show will also feature Bullet Club’s leader, Kenny Omega defending his IWGP US Championship.


  • Melissa A. Klein

    If he’s still under UFC contract it’s not going to happen

  • Possible

    While it would be cool to see, not sure if he should do it. Eventually someday, omega and the bucks will head to wwe. Despite anything anyone says people usually want to experience that if only just once. So where would that leave punk? Might just be best to stay away, even if it would probably send bc merch through the roof and it might make wrestling fun again for punk. Eh who knows

  • Dave Richards

    Wouldn’t mind seeing this but one has to wonder how much is left in the tank. He’s pushing 40 and his MMA attempt was a fail at best, an embarrassment at worst. I wish people would just let it go about him making a return to wrestling honestly.

  • ScottyPNR

    Cody Rhodes is so out of place.

  • AnswersOnTheT

    They have been doing this for awhile…. ?

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