Kurt Angle Homecoming: A Touching Story About An Olympic Hero

WWE Network finally released the WWE 24 special involving Kurt Angle. I was unable to tune in last night so I watched it this afternoon, and there was no disappointment here. Goosebumps popped up on my arms and tears ran down my eyes. It was a whirlwind of emotion about the career of one of the greatest to ever lace a pair of boots. Life has came full circle for out Olympic Hero.

While watching the program, the memorable moments Kurt gave us over the years ran through my head. You all remember the milk truck correct? Or how about the Sexy Kurt song? Heck, even the miniature cowboy hat was hysterical. He was pure gold during his segments and his matches. However, Kurt’s career wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

Television has a way of portraying a normal individual as a superhero, but reality steps in and shows how destructive they really are. WWE 24 did a fabulous job of describing the demons Kurt faced throughout most of his adult life. Some of you may remember that Kurt broke his neck just weeks before Wrestlemania XIX. It was the second time he broke his neck, but the first time inside the WWE. Painkillers helped Angle battle some of the pain, but they took control of his life. He became addicted to them just like many others do. There was even an instance where Angle took around twenty-five at once and hoping he wouldn’t wake up. Angle would then go on explaining how he broke his neck again at Wrestlemania XX and eventually asking for his release just a couple of years later.

This is when the next chapter in Angle’s illustrious career takes a different path, one to the Impact Zone. Here is where Angle would put on some phenomenal matches against guys like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Even though Angle was in TNA, he kept hoping a certain McMahon over at WWE would see his work and realize that he was still a great wrestler. His time in TNA was longer than his time in WWE, but he always wanted to come back to his home.

Angle still battled his addiction with painkillers, and added alcohol to that addiction as well. It became so bad that his wife, Giovanna, was close to leaving him and taking the children with her. Sometimes all it takes to straighten you up is a caring woman. Angle would enter rehab and stayed thirty days before leaving and being clean. He’s been clean ever since, and you can tell it too by the way he looks and acts.

Now that Angle was clean and was a changed man, he knew the next stop in his redemption tour was the WWE.

Things started happening fast. Kurt became inducted into the Hall of Fame and now he is the Raw General Manager. Sure Angle burnt some bridges, but they always say that everyone can make their way back to the WWE. Angle is proof of that. The man made mistakes, but overcame them and is now doing much better. Will we ever see Angle compete inside a WWE ring again? Only time will tell, but rest assured that Angle is content with the role he is playing now. He has a loving wife, five beautiful children, and a job working for a man who was always like a father to him.

Life is great for Kurt Angle these days, and he has plenty more great days ahead of him.



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