Reasons Why The Great Balls of Fire Was A Success

The strangely named Great Balls of Fire event has now ended, leaving many fans either shaking their head in disappointment or hanging their head high in victory. This event had something for everyone. It has his downfalls as well, but the good outweighed the bad. From surprising victories to jaw dropping moments, WWE put together a great show full of rejuvenation.

One of the things that stand out to me is that no championship changed hands. I believe the company should at least have one title change during each pay per view but they didn’t need to hear. The championships seemed to be the back story here while the personal hatred was at the forefront. Let’s take the Lesnar/Joe championship match for example. It had the feeling of more than just a standard championship match. Lesnar and Joe hate each other. They want to harm each other, and the did just that. We saw the dominance of Joe before the bell even rung when he slammed Lesnar through the announce table with one arm. It got the crowd going, and kept them hyped throughout the match. We know matches involving Lesnar will be short, but the chemistry between the two helped make this one entertaining match. What a main event.

The ambulance match between Strowman and Reigns was as destructive as we expected and then some. Strowman was victorious when Reigns went for a spear and flew into the ambulance when Strowman side stepped out of the way. It was a good match, but no one is going to be talking about the match. The segment with Reigns ramming Strowman (who is in the back of an ambulance) into a trailer was the highlight of the night. WWE took their gloves off for this one and showed just how evil Reigns can be. Firefighters had to pry the side door open so Strowman could gain access to the parking lot. Strowman refused help from everyone and tried to walk away on his own power. He struggled and bled profusely from his head and elbow, but managed to leave the scene.

The image of him looking past the camera with blood all around his left eye will be one of the most remembered images from not only this event, but all the WWE events.

It seems WWE did the unthinkable and performed a double turn. Fans will now feel sympathy for Strowman and his near-death experience. On the flip side, the hatred for Reigns will continue to grow. It’s a win-win for the fans.

Great Balls of Fire was full of other solid matches like the Tag-Team Iron Man Match. Cesaro and Sheamus put on a great show against The Hardy Boyz and really became a bright light in what seems like a Tag-Team shutdown. Seth and Bray gave the fans a great opening contest. Wyatt walking out victorious came as a shock to me, but Bray needed some good luck to fall his way. Alexa Bliss retained the Women’s Championship but would then be attacked by Sasha Banks. Big Cass did exactly what we all expected and destroyed Enzo and drove the final nail in the “Enzo and Big Cass” coffin. Dean Ambrose failed to capture the IC championship from The Miz, and that was the right move to make.

From the matches to the moments, the GBOF event went above and beyond my levitations. No match was terrible and it kept me interested from start to finish. The Raw brand needs to have their special shows play out similar to this one if they want to compete with Smackdown. It’ll be interesting to see how the blue brand will respond with Battleground. No matter what they do, they will have a tough challenge of being as complete of a show as Great Balls of Fire.




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