The Big Dog Has Been Unleashed -- Now Turn Him Heel

The Big Dog Has Been Unleashed — Now Turn Him Heel

There’s no greater feeling than getting to see something you’ve been waiting a long time for. In the wrestling world, there are few events that get every single person talking. We saw one of those moments transpire in front of our eyes last night. It wasn’t for the faint at heart.

At Great Balls of Fire, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman battled in a brutal Ambulance Match. Both men really did a number on each other, which is going to happen when you hate each other as much as these men did. The one mistake Reigns made was the high jumping spear. Braun moved out of the way and Reigns flew straight into the ambulance, allowing Strowman to secure the victory. As Braun looked to celebrate the victory, Reigns had other plans.

Getting a burst of energy from who knows where, Roman proceeded to flying out of the ambulance and unleashing a spear on the monster. After connecting with the finisher, Roman throws Braun into the back of the ambulance and drives to the parking lot. Roman contemplates his next move, then goes in for the attack. He throws it into reverse and drives full speed into the back of a trailer. First Roman attacked Braun after the match, then this? Roman hobbles out the ambulance, looking back at the disaster he has caused. Everyone is freaking out at this point, trying to get Braun out of the ambulance. Roman could not care less how Braun was doing. It was evil, it was diabolical, it was sheer genius.

It was a sick and twisted side that’s yet to be seen.



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    lol, vince will still treat him an an over come the odds babyface, roman could be a true heel and a money draw if vince was smart, instead vince thinks mixed loud reactions draw money when all they really do is alienate your fan base when it comes to roman, and in turn, they turn away. WWE needs to fully turn roman, have him be despicable, a true heel, cheats to win but also capable of winning clean vs top babyfaces to draw real heat. He needs to be despicable, smug, and side with the marketing machine of the wwe. He needs to say he’s there making money and the fans hate that but he couldn’t care less about what the fans and kids think. He should say your girl wants to do me more than she does you. Maybe he needs to indirectly align with the authority, maybe have vince go out and stand up for him as the guy of the company, the man, the draw, the big star, bigger than cena and hogan and austin combined. Build this untouchable heel that only loses in awkward circumstances like escaping a cage or multi man matches but he doesn’t get pinned until WM35. Let him draw absolute heat, grab the title at summerslam 2018 and dominate until WM35 where a hot under dog babyface takes it from him clean in an iron man match.

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