Reby Sky Has Heated Exchange with Dutch Mantell Over "BROKEN" Gimmick

Reby Sky Has Heated Exchange with Dutch Mantell Over “BROKEN” Gimmick

Dutch Mantell responded to a fan on Twitter that said if Matt Hardy had a case over the rights to the “Broken” gimmick, Hardy would’ve seen a judge by now:

Reby Sky responded to Mantell’s remarks with the following:

“Someone please tell me if this is this MFer’s actual twitter. So I should let our attorneys know TNA is ready & eager to go to court NOW. And I assume YOU’LL be picking up court cost$ for TNA’s team ? As cute as it is to watch @DirtyDMantell play into the naivety of most fans, no; it is not smart – financially or otherwise to take……ANYTHING ‘straight to court’ without trying to reach resolution by other means first. @DirtyDMantell, maybe you should STFU before you……COMPLETELY ruin any chance of a deal being made by the lawyers your dumbass company pays VERY HANDSOMELY per hour for @DirtyDMantell ***OR*** We can “get in front of a judge” right tf now because fcking Dutch Mantel is legal counsel all of a sudden LMAO. ! @EdNordholm, might wanna check ya boy @DirtyDMantell out here making ur uphill battle even steeper ? I won’t even charge u for that advice.”

Mantell fired back with the the following tweet:

Reby then responded:


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  • L. Knight

    I LIKE Dutch and all, but… Gotta be honest, I’m on Reby’s side here.

    • James Bigham

      Another example of Reby doing more harm then good. Considering the fact that I don’t believe anything the female Scott Steiner says just sad this is the only way to stay relevant

  • TheVoicz

    Not hard to “level down” a woman who settles for a heroine & coke head alcoholic, domestic abuse moron like Matt Hardy, lol.

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