Lana & Sasha Banks Engage In Twitter Drama

Lana & Sasha Banks Engage In Twitter Drama

There was some drama today on Twitter after Lana liked the following tweets made by former WWE Diva Melina:

Fans saw Lana liking these tweets and took it as her dissing Sasha Banks. Lana sent out the following tweet in regards to the backlash from fans:

Sasha then sent out the following tweet in response to Lana:

Sasha, Summer Rae and their friends then started using the “#BL2017” hashtag, which means “Block Lana 2017” after Lana tweeted on how she would block anyone who left negative comments for her:


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  • Nate


    Uh… considering this is a blatant attempt to insult someone, apparently Sasha isn’t confident in her own talent and abilities.

    • Mark1896

      LMAO. I thought the exact same thing after reading that. Guess the truth of one’s insecurities come out, even when it’s not intended.

      Perfect quote for holier-than-thou morons.

  • Mattyromanko78

    Why is this even news lol.

  • Dee

    Melina has nothing to do with this. Lana likes tweets against Sasha all the time, and Sasha’s fans caught Lana’s bullshit. Lana started blocking all of Sasha’s fans just because they saw all the horrible things about Sasha She’s been liking, and we’re putting her in her place.

    • Omar

      Wasting away your time on this earth immersed in other people’s social media drama is just really sad — and while you may believe otherwise, you really aren’t helping anyone.

      If you’re so privileged to have that much time on your hands, you seriously need to find better hobbies.

  • Philip Manley

    Lana vs Sasha in a bra and panties match

    • daleh33

      Lana yes but I have no interest in seeing Sasha in the match. She isn’t very attractive to me so I’ll pass on that match if she has to be in it. Now if you throw in Billie Kay or Peyton Royce, then I’m all in.

      • BigEdgehead

        You don’t think Sasha is attractive but you think Billie Kay is? Whoa.

        • Omar

          Neither are my type, but I’d take Billie Kay over Sasha in 2 seconds. And Peyton Royce over *both* of them even quicker.

          But at the end of the day, it’s not worth getting triggered over others’ opinions.

      • Possible

        So it’s safe to say the wrestling part of all this isn’t a big deal to you

        • daleh33

          First off, this isn’t even a real match they are trying to set up, second I don;t think much of Sasha’s wrestling. Just because she moves faster than the rest of the women doesn’t make her better. The faster they move, the more spots are missed, unless your name is Nia Jax who can’t hit any move right other than running into the turn buckle.

          • Possible

            And who’s women’s wrestling do you think much of exactly?

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