Reason Why Nakamura Should Lose At WWE Backlash

Reason Why Nakamura Should Lose At WWE Backlash

The hype behind the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view is thanks to one man, Shinsuke Nakamura. He arrived on the Smackdown Live brand two nights after Wrestlemania. He has been involved in promos and a lot of loud fan chants, but has yet to have a single match. That changes on Sunday when he takes on the Show-Off, Dolph Ziggler.

Now the potential behind this match is beyond belief. Ziggler is one of the best performers in the company regardless of his win-loss record. Putting a talent like him against someone as gifted as Nakamura is going to be magic. Most people are expecting Nakamura to win the bout, as they should. With the way Nakamura has been promoted, it wouldn’t make any sense for him to lose his very first match on the main roster to a mid-card heel who is floundering around.

Or would it?



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  • Mr.j

    Not good

  • Mr.j


  • Kaylyn Owens

    I like it. Nakamura will definitely have chance after chance, but Ziggler might not. And the shock value is something I could see Vince going for. If their worry is what a loss will do to Shinsuke, then don’t make it a clean win. Ziggler brings a chair in, ref throws it out, and Dolph hits a low blow while the ref’s back is turned.

  • Greg Fenton


    You’re wrong and you should feel bad for even having this thought in the first place.

    • Colt King

      I am with you my friend. I got genuinely pissed off readin this article

  • Acecursion


  • Lucy X


  • Joshua Bosley

    So we still want to give dolph ziggler a chance? Come on, really? What is it that everybody likes about Ziggler? Is it the promos where he’s yelling about nothing(it’s my time!!….god), or is he playing the underdog card this time yet he’s supposed to be a heel(heels aren’t underdogs) , is it that he has such a diverse,unique and entertaining moveset ?he has like 3 moves. At least he stopped doing the 10 elbow drop nonsense. Oh I know what it is, it’s that his wrestling background is constantly celebrated on commentary and yet he has never used any technical wrestling to win a match. Has he ever even used a submission hold? Or is that he tapes his fists up like a boxer or mma fighter and does nothing in the ring to resemble those abilities. Sorry, I’ve just never been a fan. Did i make it too obvious?

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