Who Should Challenge Brock Lesnar Now?

Joe has had his beef with Rollins ever since arriving on the main roster. It’s been going on for long enough, and now is the time to move Joe into a different direction. It’s unlikely that Lesnar will lose the Universal Championship before Wrestlemania 34, so Joe losing is to be expected but it would still be one entertaining fight. We all know just how talented Joe is. He’s as athletic as a Cruiserweight and as strong as a Heavyweight. He’s a hybrid that is matched by no other. Putting him against a beast like Lesnar, who is also a hybrid, will be the match that will make Great Balls of Fire a good pay-per-view.

The booking up to this point can be very simple, but would need a lot of agreement from Lesnar. To get the crowd excited about this match, start off by having Joe coming hard after Lesnar and attacking him with a steel chair or a kendo stick. Make him bleed, make him crawl, make him look vincible. The fans would be in disbelief considering Lesnar has been booked as a monster ever since his return in 2012. It would elevate Joe as a dominant force, and would work well for him.

Now fans would see how can Lesnar bounce back when he keeps getting beat up. It would be an interesting way to look at Lesnar, a way fans aren’t used to seeing. It would be something new and fresh. It would also help with Raw ratings as well. Of course Lesnar would get the win at Great Balls of Fire, but Joe would be added to the main event scene for months and months thanks to this match.


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