WWE to Make Slight Modifications to Baron Corbin's Character

WWE to Make Slight Modifications to Baron Corbin’s Character

As previously noted, Baron Carbin is expected to receive a huge push coming off the WWE Superstar Shakeup and to be pushed as one of the top heels on the SmackDown Live Brand.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that they are looking at ways of changing him up with new theme music and other slight changes to his character. Eventually his push will lead to a big match against Randy Orton later down the line.


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  • nahkmiyan

    new kane

  • Amos Cheek

    Let’s just hope WWE doesn’t fuck this up.They have a really bad habit of ruining a good thing.

  • Omar

    I’m strongly predicting some sort of new headwear or haircut that obscures his unfortunate ever-receding hairline.

    • Bisky

      lol probably

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