Reason WWE Is Pushing Jinder Mahal

Reason WWE Is Pushing Jinder Mahal

WWE’s attempt to push Jinder Mahal on the SmackDown brand has a lot to do with a new push in the India market.

WWE announced that they have hired on a new Vice President and General Manager for WWE India in Sheetesh Srivastava. Srivastava will lead WWE’s business initiatives and day-to-day operations in India, working with partners across all of WWE’s lines of business, including television, live events, marketing, sponsorship, new media, licensing and merchandising.

WWE Executive Vice President of International Ed Wells believes that India is key to the global growth of WWE. Wells mentioned recently that WWE is committed to expanding its presence in India.

As seen on SmackDown Live Tuesday night, Mahal won a Six-Pack Challenge match to become the #1 contender to the WWE Championship. He will now move on to face Randy Orton at the WWE Backlash event next month.


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  • Uriel Kevin Devon Johnson

    But is he gone win the title im ok with it just wondering though

    • PNMonkey

      Doubt it but I would love to see them have a good feud. Build him up some and make him a viable heel.

  • Nate

    “WWE announced that they hired a new ***Vince*** President”

    Don’t EVER start proof-reading your articles, Steve Carrier. The typos are too funny, even while completely sloppy and unintentional.

    • TheVoicz

      You do realize that’s an actual position in WWE HQ.. right?

      • Nate

        Yes I do. However yesterday this article read “WWE announced that they hired a new ***Vince*** President” which is why I highlighted that word. Amusing typo… to me at least.

        Surprisingly Steve Carrier actually corrected his spelling after posting an article for once. Glad to see it.

  • Prime

    I figured this was just a thank you for letting Gronk throw beer in his face

  • Ryzing_Terra

    Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t he finish his feud with MoJo then get built up to the main event? I mean if you just throw him in there and he lose he falls into mid-card hell…..again

    • We’re Here

      He still could. Wyatt and Orton have to finish their feud. In the mean time, Mahal and finish up with Mojo. It is a bit rushed but they can do it.

  • ScottyPNR

    This is worse than Goldberg Brock reigns Owens Miz khali being world champion. Why the fuck would they ever think ” oh lets push jinder” he’s never been over in his career. He’s been fired as part of spring cleaning releases. He’s the exact same as David otunga-Hudson only he’s from India.

    • Omar

      Well… he’s a huge roided-up monster now. So naturally, Vince suddenly has the raging hard-on for him.

  • DeBrah Dardzuna

    My only problem with having Mahal as number one contender is his ability.
    He’s an average wrestler. Randall is also kind of average (capable of much much more if he attempted to do so but its seems like he doesn’t care that much). When they have there match I highly doubt it will be main event of the PPV because Owens and Styles will likely try to create a master match. I think this won’t go down as well as hoped. Had someone (like Styles) been there to accompany him then maybe this match wouldn’t be such a borefest.
    Not a high hope in site for this one, but at least they’re attempting to create new stars.

  • L. Knight

    But… But Jinder’s Canadian. He wasn’t even born in America, you jackasses. e.e

    • L. Knight

      India I meant. I’m still sleepy, sue me.

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