Randy Orton Not Defending the WWE Title at WWE Payback

Randy Orton Not Defending the WWE Title at WWE Payback

Bryan Alvarez mentioned on Wrestling Observer Live this week that the “House of Horrors” match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt is not for the WWE Championship Title. WWE’s official website is not listing it as a WWE Title match either.

WWE has also been staying clear of referring to the match as a championship match on television and only calling it a “House of Horrors” match. When Jindar Mahal won the Six-pack challenge on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live, it was announced that he was the #1 contender for Orton’s WWE Title at next month’s WWE Backlash event.


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  • Melissa A. Klein

    Then what is the fucking purpose of this match so Bray Wyatt gets screwed out of his rematch nice one WWE

    • Herb

      For him to get his “revenge” on Randy Orton. I know it makes zero sense.

    • Ryborg

      So he can win his own match I guess… K.O didn’t get a rematch for the Universal championship and it kinda looks like he won’t get it anytime soon… So WWE is doing the same with Wyatt, easy peacy!

  • Erik Candelaria

    They should have just kept the belt on Wyatt then, makes it pointless since they are probably doing this to give Wyatt the win while Orton keeps the belt.

  • Kyle Barbosa


  • Mike

    LMAO!!! Bray’s going to lose in his “own” match and if he wins it won’t matter because it wasn’t even for the title. Vince hates Bray, that’s the only reasonable answer

    • Possible

      Guess bray should’ve been taller

    • We’re Here

      Bray is permanently a jobber to the stars. I think this site reported his next feud is with Balor. We all know they love Balor and want him built up, so i guess thats the next feud he’s set to lose

  • Ryzing_Terra

    Well at least Bray will get a win and look strong going against Finn

  • Joe Teller

    that makes no fucking sense, think wwe

  • Jacqueline Klaassen Yanez

    Wyatt is on his way out!!!!! No chance he will re-sign with WWE after his
    contract is up. They are screwing him left to right for the longest time.
    WWE creative team is the worst! Those losers haven’t got a clue how to
    write proper story lines. Its a big joke. I really wish Jim Ross was head of
    creative, he always has great ideas.
    I see Bray going to Japan, his character would be over in a heartbeat over there!!

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