The Taz Show Recap - Raw Analysis, Braun's Big Bump, Hardys Finally Speak, More!

The Taz Show Recap – Raw Analysis, Braun’s Big Bump, Hardys Finally Speak, More!

Block 1:

Taz opens today’s show speaking about last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

He says that he loved the ending of the show, with Braun Strowman suplexing Big Show and collapsing the ring. He recalls screaming “Holy S***!” when Big Show and Brock Lesnar broke the ring on Smackdown back in the day, and he thought a similar expression could have been utilized on last night’s show to drive home how surprised the announcers were by that turn of events.

He adds that it’s very expensive to ‘collapse the ring’ the way WWE does these spots, but they obviously save it for momentous occasions and he thought it worked very well last night.

Rewinding to the beginning of the show, Taz thought it was weird to see Strowman in the middle of the ring holding a mic and cutting a promo. He would have preferred if Booker T interviewed Strowman in the middle of the ring instead.

In terms of the overall segment featuring Angle and Strowman, he wasn’t particularly fond of the writing or the delivery from either man. Taz thought the promos were obviously scripted, and the words didn’t feel real when Angle and Strowman delivered them. He also points out that by having Angle confront Strowman, WWE nearly turned Angle heel without even trying.



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