5 Ways The Superstar Shakeup Went Wrong

The Superstar Shakeup was certainly well, unique.

It was actually quite confusing. There were no official trades or drafts talked about by either General Manager or Vince McMahon.

Superstars just kind of showed up and declared that they had switched shows. Either that or it would just be announced to fans at home by the commentators that someone had changed brands.

It really seemed like a jumbled mess that was thrown together at the last minute. Regardless, it was at least exciting and refreshing to see somewhat different rosters for each of the brands and new opportunities for all of the Superstars.

However, with these kinds of moves, there are always some negatives to be talked about. So, Let’s get right to it!

5. The Miz Moves to RAW

The A-Lister has finally moved to the A-Show.

The Miz had an incredible revival of his career throughout 2016. His ability to raise the significance of the Intercontinental belt through great rivalries, matches, and promos made him SmackDown Live’s runner up for MVP. He was only behind the best wrestler in the world, AJ Styles. He was able to make what seemed like an uninteresting match with Cena and Nikki into a truly must see program with his hilarious rendition of Total Bellas.

After paying his dues to John Cena at WrestleMania, it seemed like The Miz would be given a big push after WrestleMania into the main event scene. Instead, Miz saw his work pay off in a move to RAW where he is still using his fake Cena gimmick that is becoming quite stale very quickly. Rather than being in the WWE title hunt on SmackDown LIVE, The Miz has been moved to RAW to help bolster their midcard.

What would have been an incredibly probable and entertaining world title run on SmackDown is all but dead on RAW. With the likes of Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and others ahead of The Miz in the pecking order, its unlikely The Miz will ever touch the main event scene on that show.

The Miz has proven that he deserves to be in the main event as one of the best heels with incredible mic work and improved in ring skills. Sadly this Superstar Shakeup has taken that away from us.

The most we can hope for is another run with the Intercontinental Championship, where he can bring the belt back from obscurity into prominence as he takes the helm atop the Most Must See Midcard programs.



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