Predicting Shinsuke Nakamura's First 3 Opponents

Predicting Shinsuke Nakamura’s First 3 Opponents

Shinsuke Nakamura has graduated to the main roster, and now looks to be a part of Smackdown’s roster. Since he is on the main roster, he has a whole bunch of fresh faces to fight. So who will he fight? Right now nothing is set in stone, but here are 3 bold predictions for his first opponents.

3. The Miz

Miz is such a great guy to work with, for a whole bunch of reasons. He’s a safe worker, so there’s less chance of injury. The dude has more than enough mic skills for two people, so he can help carry the mic work. His in-ring style is also not super impressive or flashy, meaning his opponents will look better in the ring with him. After all, Miz was one of the first opponents of AJ Styles, and it really allowed Styles to shine. Miz is a great choice for a first feud.

Since English isn’t Nakamura’s first language, many are worried about how he will handle himself on the microphone. If he’s feuding with Miz, Miz can do all the talking. He can run his mouth all he wants, and all Shinsuke has to do is show up and kick his teeth in. It’d be a great way to show everyone that, hey, maybe this guy is a big deal. Nakamura will look like a beast against the Miz, and since everyone wants to see the Miz get what’s coming to him, everyone will love Nakamura.



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  • ScottyPNR

    Miz would be a waste of time. Its gotta be styles if you throw him at Orton and he.doesn’t win the wwe title its a waste of time. Give it 8-12 month’s before you put the strap on nakamura in the mean time let Orton reign as champion for 4-6 months. Drop it to bray have the mitb winner cash in on bray.

  • Michael Cowell

    Other matches for Nakamura on Smackdown could be a Heel Ambrose, maybe even a Bray Wyatt feud after a few months, matches with Ziggler could prove good in between PPVs on Smackdown with maybe some comedy squashes against Hawkins (the Smackdown Heel side seems pretty shallow come to think about it)

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