Reason Why Naomi Captured the SmackDown Women's Championship

Reason Why Naomi Captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship

As seen at Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber event, Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss to capture the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. It’s being said that the reason WWE had Naomi win so that she can go into WrestleMania 33 as champion because she’s from Orlando and that’s where the event is being held.

Regarding the actual match, we heard a few weeks back that the SmackDown Women’s Title wasn’t going to be defended on the card. The original plan would have seen the SmackDown Women’s match being a multi-persons match, presumably a tag-match. However, those plans could have changed between now and then.


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  • CertifiedG(scottyp)

    Why not have her win in her hometown. Of course that never happens she’ll lose in her hometown. She won because it’s black history month. Plain and simple

    • TJ Clown Prince


    • Eric David

      That’s f’ed up. As much as Bliss is my favorite, Naomi has worked her ass off for a really really long time and is extremely underrated. I was bummed Bliss lost the belt but I’m happy for Naomi as she’s damn good at what she does and she works really hard.

      • CertifiedG(scottyp)

        Naomi can work Even harder because she can’t wrestle.

  • Philip Manley

    Naomi,don’t get too comfortable with that belt.

  • Mike

    If Vince always thought this, every “superstar” that has a match in thier hometown should be champ.

  • Hillary Porterie

    An educated guess: Naomi won the title for a couple reasons: 1). The Black History month angle….Jackie, Jazz, and Alicia all won their first titles In February…and 2). Payment for her work over the summer with Orlando last year in the wake of the Pulse Night club attack…she scored a TON of good press for WWE during that period and did so out of her own pocket. Don’t be surprised of she doesn’t have some type of badge reference when she gets to Mania.

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