Is Gillberg Under Contract to WWE?

Is Gillberg Under Contract to WWE?

As seen on Monday’s episode of RAW, Gillberg made his return to WWE programming in the Festival of Friendship segment featuring Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. Gillberg came out instead of Goldberg after Jericho called him out. Gillberg ended up being attacked by an angry Owens.

While speaking to The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Gillberg was asked if he has signed a contract with the company upon returning to RAW. While he reveals he hasn’t signed a deal, Gillberg mentions that he would love to sign a contract with WWE.

“Please tell me it is true? Dude, I am not saying it to just save my ass (but) I have heard nothing. As far as I’ve heard I was brought in for RAW. God, I would love to sign a contract. No problem. I love wrestling and wrestling is my life. I’ll be a wrestler til the day I die and I would love to go back up. Even if it was for six months. It is a childhood dream.”

You can listen to the complete interview in the videos embedded below:


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