Does WWE Have Plans for Kurt Angle to Wrestle?

Does WWE Have Plans for Kurt Angle to Wrestle?

The current plan is for Kurt Angle to wrestle in WWE on a very limited basis if he can pass a physical, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

As previously noted, Jim Ross mentioned on his podcast that Angle will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by John Cena but nothing has been confirmed at this point.


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  • Melissa A. Klein

    Honestly it shouldn’t be John Cena it should be Stone Cold Steve Austin or somebody else again another opportunity handed to John Cena he’s going to make this all about him they can’t give it to somebody else it’s so sad

    • Big Daddy

      Oh please! Honestly… Cena has done more for the WWE than even Hogan did. John Cena is not the type of guy that makes anything about himself – he’s the most giving superstar in the WWE. All you need to look at is all the time he has given to hundreds of children through “Make a Wish.” Cena’s big break came against Angle. He’s the only guy that could induct Angle. Take your Cena hate elsewhere!

    • daleh33

      Careful, the Cena lovers will come out of the closet. He AND his girltoy Nikki have been handed stuff because they both do nothing but kiss the ass of Vince, Steph and Hunter. Cena’s days are over yet they keep putting him in title shots and even plan on him breaking Flairs record of 17 title runs. All because Vince’s boys have to have every wrestling record. They even go as far to have every veteran who signs these special deals to get in the HOF lose to Hunter. Like they really have to prove themselves, like they did with Sting. No way was Vince going to let the only WCW guy who held out beat his asskissing son-in-law.

  • A real wreslting fan

    Guys to inducted Angle to be would be either
    Team Angle (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)
    Edge & Christain
    Triple H
    The Rock
    Steve Austin
    Brock Lesnar
    Shawn Michaels

    Anyone else is stupid to me, bit that’s just my opinion.

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