Who's Idea Was It to Put Bray Wyatt Over John Cena?

Who’s Idea Was It to Put Bray Wyatt Over John Cena?

As seen on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live, Bray Wyatt pinned John Cena to retain his WWE Title for the second time on a row. Sean Waltman, who was backstage at SmackDown this past week in Anaheim, California, revealed on his recent podcast episode that it was actually Cena’s idea to put Wyatt over at Tuesday’s event.

“I’m not sure what the finish was supposed to be for the match last night. But I know this for a fact, that John Cena insisted on putting Bray Wyatt over again last night, insisted on it. That’s not just a rumor.”

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    Always hated cena but lately dude been doing it right putting guys over all he needs now is a great heal run in could very well be GOAT

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