Vince Russo's The Brand Recap w/ Buff Bagwell - Russo's Arrival in WCW, Battle with Alcohol & Drug Addiction, More!

Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap w/ Buff Bagwell – Russo’s Arrival in WCW, Battle with Alcohol & Drug Addiction, More!

Russo informs that he has been trying to get Buff Bagwell on the show for a long time. Bagwell and Marc Mero agreed to be guests on Russo’s first show, Vicious Vincent’s World of Wrestling, back in 1991 when Russo was just getting into the business, and he will never forget that gesture.

Russo says that he had big plans for Bagwell when he transitioned from WWE to WCW, because he was always a big fan of Bagwell. Russo felt that Bagwell had all the tools to be a prime time player in the professional wrestling business to the level of other guys such as Austin or Cena, but politics prevented him from getting to that level.

Russo welcomes Bagwell to the show.

Bagwell informs that WCW had hit a wall in 1999. Both the talent pool and the company itself was treading water, and needed a freshener. When the talent found out that former WWE writer Vince Russo was on his way to WCW there was excitement backstage, but there was also a general feeling of conspiracy. Since this was all happening right in the middle of the Monday Night Wars, some talents were concerned about an ex-WWE guy coming in to write WCW television.

Bagwell says that when Russo arrived in WCW he made it clear that he had no intention to appear as an on-screen character and that was a popular decision amongst the wrestlers. Unfortunately, Russo did not keep that promise and that was disappointing.



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