Reason Behind Randy Orton Forfeiting His WWE Title Shot

Reason Behind Randy Orton Forfeiting His WWE Title Shot

As seen on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live, Randy Orton forfeited his WWE Title match against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 33 this year. Daniel Bryan would later announced on Talking Smack that there will be a Battle Royal to determine a new #1 contender for the WWE Title on next week’s episode of SmackDown.

The belief is WWE did this angle to help fill storyline for the next month and Orton is still in the plans for the WWE Title match against Bray at WrestleMania. WWE officials have also been considering making the match at WrestleMania a Wyatt Family Triple Threat for WWE Title.

Speaking of WrestleMania, AJ Styles being included in next week’s #1 Contender Battle Royal will be part of the build for his match against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania.


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  • daleh33

    A Wyatt family triple threat for the title at Mania just might be the dumbest idea since giving Cena the belt just to tie Flair. They just have no clue how to book matches anymore. They wait until the last minute for big PPV’s and then throw something together because people will still watch. I haven’t watched any WWE programming since they gave Cena the belt and will continue to stay away.

    • Dave Strickland

      its still real to you isn’t it?

    • Tom Wing

      You do realize that wrestlemania is a month and a half away right. Not exactly last minute there kid. Also this whole “WWE did something i dont like so im not watching anymore!!”, childish whiney baby crap is the funniest thing in the world. Go find your safe place buddy and hold you blankey really tight.

  • Free America

    The only thing dumber than that triple threat match would be AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon oh wait…

  • Mike

    Why do we need Styles vs. Shane?!?!? So fuckin stupid, there’s literally no one else AJ can take on, put the guy on raw and send some other big names to sd

    • CertifiedG(scottyp)

      Bring up Bobby Roode. Cross brand match. Samoa Joe vs Styles. Angle vs Styles Aries vs Styles. Literally everything would be better.

    • Michael DeSorbo

      because they think Shane is a big deal and a “big match” remember he fought the Undertaker at WrestleMania just last year… lol

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