Possible Plans for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania 33

Possible Plans for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania 33

As seen on WWE programming recently, Dean Ambrose has been feuding with Baron Corbin. This will most-likely lead to a match between the two for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania.

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Corbin is a handpicked star. Corbin may eventually receive the Title as a stepping stone to being moved up to the top of the card on the Smackdown brand. The change may or may not happen at WrestleMania, but a victory for Corbin on that show would definitely solidify him as a major star in the company.

We noted last month that Corbin is expected a big push within the ranks of the company and it appears as if they are on that path.


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  • Ryzing_Terra

    I just think that Boring Corbin lacks charisma. Other than that he’s a pretty solid wrestler

    • Free America

      Make him a Heyman guy so Paul can do all the mic work for him

  • EVH

    i like Corbin, and i think this is how every potential main card wrestler should be treated, have him taste the main card in matches like fatal 4 ways or the elimination chamber where he shares the spotlight with others, has a good showing but eventually not go over yet, then develop a rivalry and be the top mid card guy and then eventually as he grows into the character he can become a top level guy.
    This is how they should’ve gotten Reigns over, but because the Shield were such a big hit they thought he was already over with the fans and thus ok to push to the main card and the world title scene.

  • Mike

    Bout time Vince got something right! I’ve been a fan of Corbin since he was down in NXT, good to see him getting a decent strong push! Let’s just hope it stays

    • Dave Johnston

      It won’t. Vince will get mad at Corbin because he didn’t pull out at the count of two, then Corbin will be a jobber for awhile.

  • Ted

    While i’m happy that Corbin is getting a deserved push he’s been doing well, I’m not sure that having Dean lose again at WM is the best choice there.

  • Robert Fields

    That’s all well and good, but what if they did this match in the Asylum?

  • enigmaax

    Glad we cleared up that he may or may not get the belt. I wasn’t sure if he would or wouldn’t before reading this. Now I am positive that he either will or won’t.

  • Red

    Corbin should get moved up as a good upper midcard heel but not at the expense of Dean. Dean deserves better. And especially since Cena’s taking off yet again after Mania, that leaves Dean as the sole main event babyface.

    Miz will likely become main event heel due to rumors that Stylesis getting sent back to Raw in the draft so Corbin will become upper midcard heel.

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