The Taz Show Recap - Bayley's Championship Win, Owens Turning on Jericho, CM Punk Return? More!

The Taz Show Recap – Bayley’s Championship Win, Owens Turning on Jericho, CM Punk Return? More!

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Taz opens today’s show giving credit to Michael Cole for the job he did calling the Women’s Title match last night. He thought Cole did a terrific job of raising the tension throughout the match and then when Bayley captured the Championship, Cole buttoned up the win nicely with a passionate call.

Taz thought the Women’s Championship match was great as a whole, and the outside interference from Brooke and Banks at the end added a nice layer to the bout as well. He does admit that he’s not a big fan of Bayley’s finishing move, Bayley to Belly, but his opinion doesn’t seem to matter in this case because the move is over huge with the WWE Universe.

Taz thought there were a few elements on RAW that weren’t great, but all the major angles were done very well. He was surprised to see Triple H on RAW again last night, because he figured Triple H would be kept off television until the final lead-in to Wrestlemania. However, having Joe show up in a suit accompanied by Triple H was a nice touch.

He believes that Triple H had something to do with Kevin Owens’ attack on Chris Jericho last night. In his opinion, it didn’t appear like Owens was fully sold on wanting to attack his former best friend, and perhaps Owens was put in that awkward situation by Triple H and had no other choice.

Taz still finds it hard to believe that WWE will put the Universal Title on either Goldberg or Lesnar, because both of those guys are part-time workers. The Champion needs to be working house shows and representing the company through various interviews and appearances, and Taz doesn’t see Lesnar or Goldberg wanting to do that at this point in their careers.



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