Reason Why WWE Pulled the Plug on Emmalina Character

Reason Why WWE Pulled the Plug on Emmalina Character

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that originally there were big plans for the Emmalina character, however they were nixed prior to the premiere.

Apparently producers decided to pull the plug on their plans after multiple rehearsals failed. The producers had an idea that would see Emmalina portray a throwback to characters like Sable and The Kat, but officials felt Emma wasn’t committing enough to the character. They ultimately decided to have her revert to her old heel gimmick.


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  • Stefan Lang

    What a waste of fucking time.

    • Christopher Davis


  • Philip Manley

    Sound’s like no one will see her again for another couple of months or Vince give’s her the pink slip instead.

    • Iffy

      The only ‘pink slip’ Vince is giving her is his tongue, anywhere she wants it.

      She’ll go back down to NXT and be legit competition for Asuka, jump back up when it’s time to tell the story of Charlotte turning face.

  • Bossman27

    What a shock, all that for nothing. Glad I stopped giving a fuck about that

  • Kleck

    Well, they are supposedly making cuts after Mania. If she doesn’t make this opportunity work, Emma becomes Emmalina becomes released.

  • Lucy X

    Reminds me of the whole Eva Marie thing. Who really cares???

  • Flo

    Well that’s good. I like the previous Emma there was no need for a change.

  • CertifiedG(scottyp)
  • Ted

    WWE is run by a bunch of clowns.

  • Mike

    Sable or Kat in this PG landscape, yea right haha

  • Rob D.

    That was literally the WORST promo I’ve seen in a long, long time. After watching it through, it’s the textbook definition of pointless. So embarrassing.

    Nothing against her either — they made her completely eat shit here for some reason. Seems she’s nothing but another victim at the hands of WWE not-so-creative. Either that or she pissed somebody off. Ultimately though, promos like these just make WWE look stupid.

  • daleh33

    So they didn’t want her to wrestle, just run around half dressed and playing stupid. Just let her wrestle without any big stupid character to see what she can REALLY do. They had her when she first came up play the idiot sidekick to Santino. She does have some skill at wrestling and that’s why I think she didn’t put to much into that stupid Emmalina character. I could only imagine what would’ve happened if they had Sasha try and do that. that’s a character that Rosa was trying to play and since she sucked at EVERYTHING she did, to bad the let her hang around long enough to retire instead of being fired years ago.

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